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As the modern design, the research for high quality, innovation and the Made in Italy are features that characterize the brand; the design process of every item, from conception to realization, is well studied.

Young guys in streetwear brand pussee Milan

Püssee is a streetwear brand founded in 2016 by Yuri Ronchi and Matteo Esposito, two 21-year-old graphic and communication students. Their common passions for fashion, hip hop culture, design and art allowed them to join forces to create something personal. Encouraged also by friends and loved ones, and taking inspiration from the big brands that "already made it", they decided to put this dream into practice.

The name of the brand, Püssee is a Milanese word that means "more" and it was chosen to express the concept of daring and wanting to go further, with an ironic touch. The mission of the team, made up of the social media manager, PR manager, art director, copywriting manager and marketing manager, is not so much to communicate a message, as to convey their passion to people and involve them in this project by creating a community with the values that belong to them.

A young guy in black hoodie

Artist Davide Martino's digital illustration for Burberry

The aesthetics is linear; black can be considered the colour of the brand, especially chosen because it is strong and aggressive, and it’s able to highlight the contrast with the calligraphic font, which is neat and elegant. The items are unisex: the streetwear style and the oversized clothing sizes have led to the choice to make unisex garments; a choice made in order to design the same item without any distinction for male and female.

As the modern design, the research for high quality and innovation and the Made in Italy are features that characterize the brand, the design process of every item, from conception to realization, is well studied. It starts with an extensive research for references to a draft layout. Then they have to choose sizes, textiles, colors, prints or embroideries to get a good quality result, unique in its kind, to be able to stand out from other brands. Once all the assets have been found, the product will be made after all the fitting proofs and the various patterns, finally getting to the finished product.

Always looking for innovative and avant-garde graphics, the brand is inspired both by well-known brands, such as Stone Island, and the niche brands. It also always takes a look at oriental countries, in particular at Japan, which is very advanced in this sector.

A guy wearing black tshirt from streetwear brand pussee

a boy wearing streetwear brand pussee white tshirt

“Our biggest challenge this year has been to make the brand known quickly. We can absolutely say that it is not a simple and fast job even with the use of applications and social networks. Despite this we are doing our best to achieve our goal.”

Regarding communication, Instagram is the communication and sales channel that is mostly used by the brand at the moment, as a platform that allows many people to see the products and as it is the fastest way to communicate with customers. In addition to the Ig page, Püssee has also a website, where people can send their order and receive it by shipping.

A girl wearing a streetwear brand "PÜSSEE" t-shirt

streetwear brand hoodie pussee

“One of the goals is to position the brand in a medium/high fashion market; then we would like to bring back the culture of fashion excellence in Italy, refreshing the market saturated with non-European brands.

For the future we would like to continue on this way, improving every step of our work, making Püssee an efficient brand that can express all its values, culture and passion.”

Shop PÜSSEE and check out their latest collection on their instagram.

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