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If we look at the modern applications, unmanned aircraft represent the most exciting technological innovation of recent times, but the most important thing is to consider the continuous development of technology and possible future applications of drones.

UAVs can be used in different professional and amateur fields – mainly in photography – but also in the construction, military, topographic and reconnaissance sectors, for environmental and ecological research – they have nearly endless applications.

What's interesting is the research and development of many large companies – such as Uber and Amazon – in the delivery field.

For example, Amazon wants to create a standalone system for Amazon Prime Air at its shipping station. In theory, this will allow customers to receive their ordered products within 30 minutes.

Drones for Photogrammetry and Surveying

• Land Topography and Mapping Architectural surveying • Volumetric monitoring • Unauthorised building

Drones for law enforcement

• Video surveillance and aerial patrolling • Anti-terrorism and event control • Illegal practices • Ground Operations coordination

Drones for Inspections

• Inspections of buildings and large structures • Investigation and detection of failures or malfunctions • Inspection of power and railway lines • Inspection of sites dangerous to humans

Drone for video footage

• HD and Ultra-HD aerial footages • Documentaries • Commercials • Film productions • Marketing and communication

Search and Rescue Drones

• Search for missing persons • Coastal surveillance and border monitoring • Fires prevention and monitoring • Landslides and natural disasters control • Wildlife and vegetation monitoring

Drones for Precision agriculture

Vegetative state mapping • Irrigation improvement • Pruning, fertilisation and harvesting planning • Production optimisation

This is not all, however. In fact, there even exist many drone racings which take place every year and are known worldwide.

FPV Drone Racing

FPV (First Person View) drone racing is a sport in which participants can control their drone and be equipped with a camera. At the same time, they wear head-mounted displays showing the live stream camera feed from the drones in real time. The goal is to complete the set course as quickly as possible.

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