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Melissa Trombetta is a young Italian make- up artist who has decided to move to London to pursue her dream of independence and become a great artist in the field of makeup. Here she attended The London School of Makeup, where she obtained her master's degree in Fashion, Photographic & Media Make up.

Make-up artist Melissa Trombetta

The choice of colors and graceful lines transform Melissa every time into something

imaginary, capturing the viewer. We got to know Melissa better by asking her

more about her artistic path and her inspirations.

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Melissa?

I am Melissa Trombetta, I am 23 years old and I come from Civitavecchia, the city where I lived for 21 years but that was beginning to be close to me. Two years ago I decided to move to London to pursue that sense of freedom that I find only by traveling. Thanks to this city I discovered a new me, fighting for my independence, which has always been denied me, and realizing that I can do it even without

having that sense of protection that only a family is able to give.

Looking at your Instagram profile we can see many faces of Melissa, how would you describe yourself and what do you let yourself be inspired by?

My art and I are both versatile: I go from making very everyday and simple looks to making very particular and elaborate looks. My inspiration comes from music, for example listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, from paintings, and from nature, very vast worlds able to make you reach places even with your mind. I am constant in trying new looks every day, I am determined not to give up my passion and finally I

let myself be carried as soon as I have a brush in my hand.

Make-up artist Melissa Trombetta and her artwork on her face

What is the biggest emotion you would like to arouse in people?

I would like to simply amaze them. I wish they were fascinated by what I do because I think there is nothing that excites me as much as makeup. With my visions, I transform something every day like makeup into something imaginary, utopian, distant. When I makeup, it's not me anymore.

Make-up artist Melissa Trombetta's artwork on her face

Make-up artist Melissa Trombetta's atwork on herself

What are your future projects?

My dream is to become really good and go to live in my favorite city in Los Angeles

where I felt the butterflies in my stomach when I went. Go to work for the Hollywood

film and for the star, and then create my own brand, the brand name will reflect a

tree that I had both in my city and in Los Angeles or the palm tree, therefore “Palm


Interview & Article by

Vivian di Lorenzo


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