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Federico Pazienza is a young Italian designer who has decided to establish his studio in Rotterdam. After finishing the University of Design in Faenza he decided that this was his way. Federico is a visionary designer of objects, especially in ceramic, who winks at the past but lives digitally intensely. Trying to create a strong link between these two elements is his biggest challenge.

We had a conversation with Federico to learn more about his artwork.

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

Hello Federico, tell us about yourself

My name is Federico Pazienza, I graduated in Design at a University of Faenza and after that, I decided to follow this unique, difficult, and unrepeatable path of independent design. I had several work experiences in London and in several

international studios in the Netherlands. Later, with courage, I decided to have to

open a design studio on my own with the aim of taking a different path from the traditional approach in terms of themes and aesthetics.

Since ancient times, objects have accompanied both people's lives and death, expressing their fears and hope.

We saw in your Instagram profile your latest works, which were presented in the 2019 Salone del Mobile in Milan, take place at a classical age. What are you inspired by?

The sources of my inspiration are many and different. Among these I would not say Pinterest, Instagram, or design magazines; these come in handy only if so already

what to look for. Certainly, my last reflection concerned the artistic past, so

for this specific project, I had the help of the MIC in Faenza a museum specialized

in ceramics, I could access to their archives and better study the greek art.

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

Your objects seem to be just timeless, a timeless Made In Italy, what do you say about it?

Since ancient times, objects have accompanied both people's lives and death, expressing their fears and hope.

For this reason, humans have always decorated objects because they felt them as inhabited by sentient spirits. In modern times, objects have lost their magic and have become merely functional. With digital, objects are awakening, because they receive an actual life as digital technologies make them literally able to "sense".

Have you any project that you keep in your heart?

It is not really a project. Every now and then I go back to have a look at the early pieces of Droog design. A company/movement led by Gijs Bakker, which I had the pleasure to collaborate with for some time. The approach in those days in the Netherlands was radical!

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

Why did you choose to open your design studio in Rotterdam?

It was not a calculated decision, I moved from London to Rotterdam more than 7

years ago because I started working at the office of Richard Hutten. Then for a

series of events then I came to like the Netherlands and I opened my office here.

Do you think about coming back to Italy one day?

I still can't predict the future, but with the European union I don't need to be

physically in Italy for work and make connections there. So far so good.

Designer federico pazienza's artwork

Which are your future projects?

Lately, I am working on more graphic products and 3D printed statues.

It is still all in the experimental phase so I am still not sure if it will be fully developed

and presented to the public, for now they are interesting paths to follow.

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

Follow Federico's work on his Instagram account.

Interview & Article by

Vivian di Lorenzo

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