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Proud of what he is. Proud of what he does. Happy! His feet touches the stage, moves in spurts, with rhythm.... A drop of sweat caresses his forehead. He stops!! Applause!!!

He is Mattia Tuzzolino, 28 years old, from Palermo.

Dancer Mattia Tuzzolino in a yellow jacket on a yellow background

Mattia believes that dance flows through his veins. He grew up seeing his mom teach classical dance, but hip-hop was his love, in which he specialised in America. He left home at a young age to pursue his dream and study dance.

Mattia dances with his mind. He creates his dancing language and spreads it in the world.

Dancer Mattia Tuzzolino dressed hip hop style

Dancer and choreographer, he has taught in European capitals as well as in China, Russia, Israel and America. He also danced and choreographed for the American company Richfam by Rob Rich all around the world.

He is well recognised for his participation in various European talent shows such as Dance, Dance, Dance, Amici di Maria De Filippi and Sanremo Young. Dance has always been a part of him. Unaware, when he created the choreography of school plays. Unaware of what he would become.

Dancer Mattia Tuzzolino in a coat performing a dance step

Mattia is interesting for DARE because he is able to express himself and his artistic thought in an extraordinary way. Nothing that affects his art is compromised. He is not afraid of criticism. They strengthen him. Mattia also mentors students. He is their point of reference. It is part of his personality. His giving allowed him to receive the same.

Success, esteem and love.

Dancer Mattia tuzzolino sitting in a cart

Dancer Mattia Tuzzolino wearing a green jacket and a purple pouch

Mattia has a tattoo that represents his motto Keep Learning. He is a curious person, constantly wants to experiment with his art, not to be constrained in a single-themed cage.

Mattia is his dance. Everything starts from his mood, from his emotions. He lets himself be inspired by emotions, whether they are happy or melancholic. But they are true.

How do you deal with the issues of choreographic creation and its relationship with the music?

The biggest issue about the choreographic creation is to bring back everything that is required by the production in the set time. In entertainment, time is money.

One of the most important skills of a choreographer is to be efficient and to be able to realise the project in the shortest possible time.

I always have clear idea & goal set before entering the rehearsal room. During meetings with the production and creative direction, my focus is to learn what message is to be delivered through the choreography and the kind of song.

I try to respect the deadline, but at the same time try to make the dancers understand the mood of the choreography, to respect the expressive language.

When in certain projects where I am responsible for the creative direction along with the choreography, I usually chose a dynamic choreography, with different music that intervene. The variety within the music is fundamental for me because I want to tell a story through my choreography and direction.

Dancer Mattia Tuzzolino in nike sportswear

Dancer Mattia Tuzzolino in the shadows

Mattia’s Future projects:

TV and theatre remain the main focus in Mattia's future projects, to study and to innovate his choreographic creations. In the future, he would also like to explore the path of artistic direction as he finds it fascinating to work with artists, in regards to music videos and concerts.

Creating the image of an artist to tell a story, choosing the dancers, the scenography and the costumes. Study the smallest details.

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