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Unique piece

Federico Lemoine, 2020




“One day I invited a friend I hadn't seen for a long time at my place. We had dinner and talked for a while.

The discussion was profound and my friend's words reminded me of a job I had started a few days earlier. Even though the sculpture wasn't finished, I decided to show it to him.


His reaction shocked me.


As he put his eyes on the sculpture, he fell silent. His gaze was fixed, it seemed impossible to distract him. I described my work to him, but I don't think he was listening to me.


The sculpture was still in raw clay. The shapes were curved; I wanted to represent a flow. The face of the sculpture leaned on an arm that touched the floor.


When I looked at the sculpture, I saw a rough surface and many imperfections in the lines.

When he looked at my sculpture, he recognized his mother.

He considers her as the perfect woman: he told me that she had all the qualities he couldn't find in anyone else.

It was very touching to listen to his words, because I knew he couldn't grow up with her, as she left too soon.


The sculpture I am presenting to you is not the one I showed him then. 

However, creating the work that you can see now, reminded me of this episode.

I will never be able to represent what my friend has experienced and I will never try to do it, but his admiration for his mother struck me. "

MIRAGE - Federico Lemoine

€ 400,00Price
  • SIZE

    13 X 13 X 30cm


    Unbaked Clay and Acrylics

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