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The “Compasso d’Oro Award” is the oldest and one of the most famous and prestigious recognitions in the world of design. It was established in 1954 from an idea of the Italian designer and architect Giovanni Ponti, also known as Gio Ponti. The prize is a golden compass designed by Albe Steiner and born from the pencil of architects Marco Zanuso and Alberto Rosselli. The creations and works of various designers are evaluated by many critics, designers and journalists.

More than 350 objects that were awarded the Compasso d’Oro are exhibited in a giant museum in Milan, called ADI Design Museum Compasso d’Oro, that will soon open its doors to the public. It is a really dynamic space in which art and design rule the roost. 5.135 square meters, many exhibition areas and the entire history of design displayed, from 1954 to date. ADI Design Museum Compasso d’Oro is one of the biggest design museums in Europe.

E-LOUNGE -1024x531


In 2020, Compasso d’Oro came to its 26th edition. Many design pieces won the prize. Here are some examples.

“Hannes”, designed and created by Istituto italiano di tecnologia and INAIL, is a prosthesis of a robotic hand that can be essential and very useful to those people who lost a limb.



“E-Lounge”, an idea of the international group Repower, is a bike rack in which you can park your electrical bike and at the same time recharge it, as well as your tablet or any other electrical device. In addition, “E-Lounge” is a bench where people can also sit and rest. Design at the service of citizens and of the environment.



“Chakra” is the brainchild of Universal Selecta, the leading Italian company in the field of interior design. Its architectural system looks like an oasis of silence, mainly designed for offices, making it the perfect solution for those who want some privacy.



The 25th edition of Compasso d’oro rewarded different designers:

“Origami” is a radiator designed and created by Alberto Meda for the Tubes company. This piece won the prize because it is a functional object that stands out in the room in which it is placed, thanks to its elegant shape.


“PopApp” is a really original project by Ifi company. It is a compact and transportable ice cream parlor, which means that everyone can bring ice cream wherever they want. PopApp is equipped with many containers and electrical outlets, in addition to a sink and a cold storage.


“Alfa Romeo Giulia” by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo was awarded the Compasso d’Oro thanks to its versatility and great performances, while its unique shape gives the car a touch of elegance and uniqueness.



In 2016, Compasso d’oro awarded, among the others:

“Ossidiana” is a coffee maker designed by Alessi. This item is considered a little masterpiece of design because it is the evolution of a traditional and classical object such as the coffee machine.


“Omnia” by Technogym is a fitness machine that has a huge variety of exercise functions. In fact, “Omnia” means “many things” in Latin. This revolutionary piece of equipment allows people who want to train to do many different workouts without having to change position.

Technogym OMNIA

“Ascent” by Luceplan is a lamp that is beautiful and unique in its versatility. Ascent doesn’t have any switch, button or control. To turn it on you just have to slide vertically along the slender stem.



“Counterbalance” is a lamp created by the Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. Its essential and simple shape gives it a sense of perfect balance, and you can enlighten any space you want thanks to its long movable arm.



“Spun” is a rotating chair originated from an idea of the British designer Thomas Heatherwick, in collaboration with Magis. Once you sit on it you can spin around without losing your balance. “Spun” is both a fun and functional object to put in a living room.


“Travel Air Jacket” is a garment you can wear whenever and wherever you want, designed by the Italian start-up company Uno61. It is a highly technological piece of clothing with an inflatable internal. Its state-of-the-art technology, called “lining inflatable system”, ensures thermal insulation, which means that you can wear it with both minus 15 degrees and plus 15 degrees.

Travel Jacket

Travel Jacket

The world of design is really fascinating, isn’t it?

ADI Design Museum is a new Italian reality based in Milan that will soon exhibit all the projects awarded with the Compasso d’Oro Award. Follow them here.

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