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Youssou Bamar Gueye, also known as Bamar, is a young emerging creator in the fashion field. In the following interview, we’ve talked about the power of “out of the box fashion”, especially about its social responsibility in daily life and towards the future. Bamar is based in Milan, where he founded @MaisonBamar, which is his big dream in terms of fashion. His project is able to tell a story about two cultures that best represent the essence of his personality.

It is a way to express a personality, a thought, a desire without opening the mouth, it is wonderful.

“Wake up and create.” Is this your motto?

"Wake up and create" is my motto and by “create”, I mean “to create anything in any field”. The important thing is to have the courage to do it, because I consider creating a way to get out of the normality imposed by society and live for a few minutes, or forever, inside your own bubble.

Do you have a benchmark?

No, I am absolutely flexible and I have a great curiosity that leads me to explore every field.

Fashion means to me…

...simply non-verbal communication. It is a way to express a personality, a thought, a desire without opening the mouth, it is wonderful.

What role do you think social-media play today in fashion?

Social-media certainly play an important role, because they have the power to amplify our message to the entire world and this represents a benefit for everyone.

Empathy is fundamental

What is your must-have?

I would say my beloved beanie and accessories, from pins to pearls.

How significant is fashion sustainability to you?

What is happening in the world is now clear to everyone and empathy is fundamental. Everyone has to move a pawn to win. From idea to final consumption. Considering that everything I like is second hand or vintage in terms of consumption, I don’t have to commit so much to that ahahah because I already do it spontaneously.

I have always been self-taught and learned by observing. I try to learn something new every day from everyone.

Let’s talk about Maison Bamar. What is its philosophy?