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Adidas x LEGO: with brick-inspired colors and geometric design, the classic pair of shoes pay homage to our childhood popular toys. Like the bricks that inspired this partnership, the classic Adidas ZX 8000 sneaker, now reinterpreted by LEGO's geometric and primary color icons, fuses two of the world's most recognized and iconic brands and will perpetuate our childlike imagination into a sportswear piece.

The Adidas Original and LEGO sneakers are inspired by the multicolored mesh building blocks reinterpretation of Adidas ZX 8000 sneaker first launched in 2008. The new look of the sneaker includes LEGO studs on the heel and interchangeable jewels - recalling the toy bricks - that connect the 6 optional color shoelaces.

"Proving that you're never too old to play, this unique release sees the Danish toy company bring its instantly recognizable aesthetics to an Adidas archive icon," As Adidas and Lego Group stated in a press release by Insider .

This is just the beginning, the iconic sportswear brand and toy company are joining inspiration to create products that will boost creativity and promote inclusion.

“Our goal is to use the power of sport to change lives, grounded in creativity as a vehicle to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds," said Aimee Arana, SVP General Manager, Global Training at Adidas, adding that "An innovative partner like the LEGO Group allows us to imagine together new concepts and products that will spark creativity in an inclusive way, in particular by promoting the development of younger generations.”

Sneakers are the kicked-off product of what promises to be a dynamic and fast-paced collaboration, with a pipeline of products scheduled to be released before the end of 2020 and throughout 2021. The range however will expand to various sports and an active lifestyle aimed at both kids and adults.

With the success of this partnership reaching all ages, it seems that the difference between kids and adults vanishes when it comes to play

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