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Recently graduated from a prestigious university of fashion arts, Central Saint Martins, Alexandra Sipa has discovered an unconventional use for recycling electric wires – turning them into clothes.

Blending together traditional Romanian lace making and usual Western techniques, Alexandra’s delicate yet strong collection works on the possibilities of disposable and cultural elements and materials to be recycled into a completely new form.

The UK-based Romanian fashion designer came up with the idea for her graduation project concept after her earphones broke several times in a couple of months. At that moment she realized that electronic wires could become threads with which to realize clothes. Titled “Romanian camouflage”, Sipa’s garments are a contrasting mix of femininity, and elevate the austerity of her origins, Romania.

The pieces range from lace dresses to ruffled coats. They are made with laces from discarded electrical wires. As for the blouses, the main materials are the fabrics discarded by Romanian factories. Basically, all raw materials come from an upcycling process, giving a second life to things that would go to landfill.

Alexandra Sipa Romanian Camouflage Design

Visually appealing, her pieces catch our eyes with their voluminous shapes and unusual lace structure. They provoke curiosity and the urge to touch, to feel how these combinations are tied together. The choice of silhouettes with ruffles is wisely made to leave the wires free to create volume and blend colors.

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