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Alyssa Carson was born and grew up with a strong passion for space and everything related to it. She joined a NASA project and she had the chance to study what she loves and to learn a lot of things. At the moment Alyssa is studying Astro Biology at Florida Tech.

alyssa carson

How and when was your passion for space and everything related to it was born ?

For as much as I remember I was pretty much always interested in space and looking back I see myself always asking questions about space or is space real or how people went to mars like those things. My family was never from a space background but I did ask my queries to my father like everyone else and that’s all I can say about my memory which I had when I started.

How was your NASA experience and about your skills that was definitely required for that kind of ambience ? I don’t work for NASA like that way but I went to space camp which was great when I was 7 and have been there lot of times and after that I have joined "Project Possum" (Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Meosphere) and lot my experiences definitely come from there. Its a private science research organisation where I did a project and I work for Jacobs now which is also NASA's one of the largest contractors and all of that is pretty cool and I will may be apply for bigger things after my masters.

"For me its visualising my goal and sub categorising them and finally reach the destination with proper outcome"

One of your future projects you work for is mission to mars in 2033 right ? What does this project mean to you as a young woman ? For me it was always being into space and I think Mars is like a big step to us as there is a lot happening with Mars and hoping by 2033 we will have positive outcomes. The research is going great as before it was more like a curiosity but now I'm learning the benefits of going to space and provide the future new technologies, resources and new places to live whatever mars can bring. How can science prepare us for a journey like that both mentally and physically ?

It starts with basic astronaut training and then once they are selected they train with the crew with the actual things that they will be doing on the mission. So definitely it is a lot of preparation for both mental and physical endurance. Even for mental preparations the astronauts have physic evaluations. For me personally I think its more like working for the military service as you leave your family and friends and have to go do your job and come back safe. It's very acknowledging to see how many people actually overcome that obstacle and succeed in it.

alyssa carson astronaut

Can you tell me something about your NASA blog and also your foundation named “Blue Berry”.

The Blue berry foundation is something that I started and its basically for the kids who has interest in space or wants to go to space but doesn’t have opportunity to achieve it. Recently the foundation has been organising different trips from different areas and help the kids to have an experience of space camp. It was for me the turning point when I learned many things from space camp so I just wanted to provide other kids that same opportunity.

"Being an astronaut is not like a job rather its a destination"

What do you think about NASA Perseverance Rover that landed in Feb 2021 ? It's always great when a new rover goes to Mars as the technologies are getting better and we have new informations and updates about the space. The interesting part of perseverance is actually great as this rover was sent there to look for signs of life, as mars have so much opportunities like liquid water, ice, steam and these environmental possibilities are perfect for bacterial life to thrive in and then defiantly humans.

who is alyssa carson

Can you tell about the book you wrote “You want to be an astronaut " I wrote this book as so many kids are actual interest in being an astronaut. Its like my personal journey to be an astronaut and the kids can defiantly do what I did or even not to follow that path and create their own path but still be an astronaut. Being an astronaut is not like a job rather its a destination. This book is like a guidance to be in the right path and achieve the goal and understand their personal interests. If not space can there be another dream in your visual board of life ? Well if not space I can get deeper into astro biology that I'm currently studying and that gets really interesting with different bacteria life in different environments and focusing on lot of science projects that I'm looking forward in doing. In Jacobs I do international space relations but its gonna be interesting to start shifting more to science stuff.

What does the word DARE mean to you ?

For me its visualising my goal and sub categorising them and finally reach the destination with proper outcome.

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Images provided by: Alyssa Carson

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