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The stylistic codes are reinvented. Bomber jackets, military vests and tactical bags are infused with new meanings.

Outlaw Moscow movement members wearing jackets, a mask and a studded necklace

Outlaw Moscow is a movement. It is a daily battle to change something, to establish new rules. Very particular rules. Nobody is forced to play by them, but many are already obsessed with them.

Born in 2014, the brand is headed by Maksim Bashkaev and Dilyara Minrakhmanova. Moscow represents a riddle for the duo. Sometimes it seems they venerate the city, other times they prefer to demolish it through their creations. It is the rugged path often shared by young artists living in Russia.

On the one hand the protest, on the other the awareness that it is probably the most stimulating region on the planet when it comes to contemporary fashion.

A real hotbed for visionary thinkers. Outlaw starts from this and reaches celebrity wardrobes.

an outlaw moscow member in typical streetwear

Along the way there are the struggle against

cultural isolation, the opposition to anything

could limit freedom of expression and the

contempt of propaganda. It is the raising of waves of resolute talents eager to express

the best side of their common background.

A choir spending itself in unlocking a certain

kind of widespread mindset, in overcoming

any excessive rigidity or aggressiveness.

Members of Outlaw Moscow in streetwear

The stylistic codes are reinvented. Bomber jackets, military vests and tactical bags are infused with new meanings. The Cyrillic script merges with folk patterns, the bold colours of Constructivism give unusual light to traditional garments from all over the world. It is a passionate reading of the present era. A tribute to the increasingly inclusive and multicultural approach of Russian creativity. It ranges from the Thai gothic image to the Chinese fakes, passing through the African tribal cultures, the kimonos and the Australian ethnic melting pot. It is like looking at a world map through an inharmonious cutting-edge pair of Slavic-inspired glasses.

A member of Outlaw Moscow out in the snow wearing military jacket

And it does not end there. Fashion is just one of the means used. Outlaw is shaping a multiverse, forest of symbols. Technology, art, events, filmmaking. A plurality of intuitions with the same final objective.

The collaboration projects flow in random order, united by lively dissonant vigour. From Puma to the microchips of, from Winstrike e-sport team to Greenpeace. To give form to a vision. A unique, well-defined one. Frankly related to the narrative necessity of telling about a national newborn spirit.

Rebel and grateful at the same time. Listening to Prokofiev is enchanting because of his precious elaboration of Russian folk music, as it is horrendous because of the ferocity of his acute satire. Different ages, similar terrific results: liberty beyond everything.

A memeber of outlaw moscow in sstreetwear with the hood on

DARING FACTOR: Outlaw dares to noiselessly shout its beliefs. It acts as one of the most respected spokesmen for the new artistic lifeblood of an entire country.

The desire to open the minds, to break the borders. It shows the courage to distance itself from the dominant post-soviet aesthetics, drawing inputs from the same enormous legacy and letting them go international. Outlaw embodies the human dual attitude toward a dear thing as truthfully as possible. As its name suggests, this is a task for someone who thinks differently, who lives differently.

Written by

Rocco Colella

Photos by


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