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The Blit Milano project that was born from the collaboration of two different people with a single dream has achieved its illumination through its hand crafted knits along with contemporary accessories. The astonishing needle and thread work is focused essentially on hand prints and embroidery. Blit Milan is a dream of an ornamentation image of a curious character.

How do you define your brand and the type of collection you produce ?

Bl1t is a completely Italian project and everything is handcrafted.

Our intent is a return and enhancement of ancient arts such as hand embroidery and direct painting on the garment, with a modern, contemporary and innovative street wear look, using precious materials such as cashmere.

Can you tell me about the collaboration in your brand which "focus on a single dream" ?

The dream we pursue is to bring to light a true and exemplary manufacture, created with a lot of passion and dedication.

It doesn't want to be what everyone has, but something sought after, refined and absolutely unique because all the pieces are created by hand and therefore no one is alike.

How is your passion for needle and thread along with handcrafted knitwear connecting textiles and urban street wear ?

It is not a way, it is a poem. Thinking and rethinking shapes and colors is a constant research. We try to create knitwear pull that we will want to wear, with a difference with the existing ones.

"The dream we pursue is to bring to light a true and exemplary manufacture, created with a lot of passion and dedication"

How is the expressiveness with paint & embroidered illustrations that coincides with graphic prints in your collection ?

A sincere desire for novelty. We are used to living quickly in a society that seeks to unify. We want to stand out and be different from the crowd.

How is Blit Milano project a "visual diary inspired by a dream" ?

The dream is to be known as a different, innovative and particular project.

Our product must remain manual and created individually for each customer, all our graphics can be modified on request.

We don't want to industrialize production, maintaining an excellent and completely artisanal quality.

Each season we set a numerical limit on the pieces we are able to produce, in fact our garments are numbered.

Whoever wears Bl1t has and must always have an exclusive garment.

"Thinking and rethinking shapes and colors is a constant research"

Any future projects or collections of Blit Milano that is to illuminate contemporary urban wear.

We are preparing the new A / W 22-23 collection and we are very excited.

It will be presented in January in Milan, 055 Showroom.

A bomb season is expected. You are curious?

Bl1t - Handmade in Fucking Italy stay tuned.

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Images provided by Blit Milano


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