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Ssheena is made in Italy, made up of craftsmanship, nonconformism and futurism.

Sabrina Mandelli is the founder and creative director of her own brand: Ssheena. It represents herself, her worldview and her woman ideal.

Born and raised in Milan, she studied Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni, where she learned the meaning of being “cool” and how to follow your own credo, rising above others opinion.

“There are no such things as right or wrong clothes, it is the character and the atmosphere behind them that define a style and make the difference.”

Sabrina gained important experiences working for prestigious and luxury brands, like Dolce & Gabbana, where she learned the organization system of fashion and couture industry; and Off-White, which has involved her in a young and international work environment. Through Ssheena she has the opportunity to express her creativity with any limits.

"Style feeds on culture, not on clothes."

Contemporary art, tridimensional effects and their communicative expression fascinate Sabrina, but inspiration comes from her own emotions.

Ssheena was found in 2015 and it has already achieved a big success in the field. Craftsmanship is essential in her concept, because she believes in the importance of details, which make fashion unique.

“I believe that a designer must be at least a good seamstress. A right mix between a decent seamstress and a diva. "

The brand mission is to create a female character, who embodies her world.

She likes to look through vintage stuff, not because she is passionate about them, but for the emotional meaning they have. In addition, she likes to go to home improvement stores and observe the workwear items. Yes, that's right, because it's not about fashion clothes, but more functional and useful ones for work. Ssheena tries to mix these details with fashion, just because they make it different from stereotypes.

“I wish SSHEENA was a hymn for the women I admire, incurable paranoid constantly out of trend.”

To discover Ssheena, follow it on instagram.

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