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Ctrl + Z AND GO

We’ve been through a lot in the last year. We forgot to marvel at the little things, to enjoy the moment and to hold dear a memory. But the CTRL + Z project celebrates just that. It’s about an all-female project that celebrates change starting from themselves. Take a moment of rest, a deep breath and start over. It consists of 4 puzzle pieces that fit perfectly in their diversity. All, however, comes from haute couture and boasts a quality material. A comfy and cool outfit that makes people feel good, regardless of gender and age.

We spoke with one of the co-founders of the project. Let’s get to know her better.

How did you conceive the Ctrl + Z project?

It all started during a hot Roman summer afternoon – 4 glasses of wine and a Caprese salad tomatoes and mozzarella. It was there – after the forced break of the first lockdown – that we met and discussed what was happening in the world. Between a sip and the other we touched on various topics of current events, then stopping to talk about how strong you felt the need to slow down, catch your breath, look back, take notes and start again.

We made a list of the changes we would like to see, and one of the changes we realistically expected from the world, in various areas.

At the umpteenth drop of wine on the tablecloth, one of us joked about how nice it would be to be able to go back, delete the stain by pressing a button, "CTRL+Z, just like on the computer!".

It is then that we asked ourselves "why not press this button?", why not start the change we would like to see in the world from us?

There are four women behind the project. Who is the brain and who is the brawn?

We met during our studies, all four of us attended the same Academy where we specialized in Haute Couture.

Although the type of training is the same, each of us has a different attitude – somewhat by nature, a bit by personal history. Our differences end up fitting perfectly into a puzzle: we make decisions all together – each of us bringing their own skills.

What is your strength?

Coming from the world of haute couture is definitely a strength for us. We all have an eye trained to recognize workmanship and quality materials.

But what makes us a truly united team is the fact that we all share, with conviction, the same values. Environmentalism, human rights, feminism, LGBTQ+ support are some of the topics we most often face and we would like to actively support with CTRL+Z over time.

Who does your comfy and cool garments target?

When designing our first collection we asked ourselves this question, but we did not like any of the answers. We want a product that makes the person who wears it feel good, without necessarily having to attach a gender or age to our garments.

Fresh pasta, cherry tomatoes, Moka coffee and vintage cars reign in your Instagram profile. Is it a project that wants to be 100% Italian?

In a world where "fast fashion" is quickly devouring everything it meets on its way, that is projected only towards the future, we do the opposite: we reward CTRL+Z for looking at what we are leaving behind and recovering what we believe could enrich the future in a healthier way.

The Italy of the past has many riches that today are too close to abandonment – the world of craftsmanship is one of these.

Our project aims to recover these riches, reworking the past in an intelligent and innovative way.

Could you explain the undo to redo philosophy?

What we wanted to emphasize about the concept of CTRL+Z is the fact that this key does not erase and does not distort, CTRL+Z is the backward step that allows you to adjust the shot and move forward. It is a constructive, non-destructive key: an invitation to error, to pause, to reflection.

If you were to just go ahead without ever stopping and look back, you could risk not even noticing the mistakes you make.

For us, it is important to stop, take a step back and start again with an extra wealth – the awareness of the past.

We do this with our garments, going "hunting" for materials of the past in disused warehouses, or using fabrics produced from waste, recycled or regenerated materials.

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