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We had the pleasure of interviewing Ignacio Luquín, a Mexican musician who tells us about his processes and journey, as he has found and forged his own path in the industry. Currently he creates his own independent projects in AVEPARADISO, where he can finally fully explore his emotions and ideals.

Ignacio Luquín

Hello Nacho, how are you?

Hello! I am feeling good. I went to bed late; I was working on a song last night so I feel a little tired, but nothing that a cup of coffee and a cigarette cannot solve.

Tell us a little about your origins.

I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1992. I am 28 years old and now I live in Puerto Vallarta. I lived in Guadalajara for most of my life, and then for a while in L.A. Later I moved to Mexico City, which is the place where AVEPARADISO was born, and then back to Guadalajara. This year, because of the COVID situation, I came to live by the beach, and it is beautiful.

Ignacio Luquín

At what age did you start to be passionate about music? Do you have any anecdotes about the moment that marked the beginning of this phase to tell us?

I think I started to become aware and passionate about music when I was maybe about 6 years old. I do not remember an anecdote about a specific moment. I rather think it was quite progressive over time to the point where there was no turning back. However, when I was in high school I already knew that music was what I really wanted to do. –

We have known each other for many years now, so I know you have a solid background in the area of ​​architecture. Do you think music is related to this discipline as the BAUHAUS stated at their time?

For me there is absolutely no doubt about the deep interconnection between these two arts. I truly believe that music is the invisible architecture that flows into another space, and therefore I think that this invisible architecture is the one which determines the whole experience of the space itself.

Ignacio Luquín

Tell us a little about yourself, your music and your career before AVEPARADISO and what you have become now as a musician, after this wonderful project.

Well, I was in another band but at the time we couldn’t create anything that really satisfied me musically. I was part of this group mostly because of the good moments that we used to have together, we were best friends, traveling around, playing together, going to parties, and having a blast. Then at a Beirut concert in Mexico City I I made a decision, I needed to quit the other band that I was in, and go solo. It was so easy to make that decision, the level of perfection of that show blew my mind. I just wanted to do the same, be pure. So the next day I left my band and started AVEPARADISO.

Let’s talk about the mask. Tell us about this character. Who is he? Tell us the reason for its existence. We are very intrigued by the fact that you hide your image. Was there a reason within this anonymity? Was it your artistic choice or someone else's?

What mask? Are you talking about Johnny? He is one of the most iconic Rockstars of the 70’s, an icon and he is a good friend of mine, we have a good relationship. So I got this idea for the videos and gave him a call, I preferred him to be on screen rather than me. The creative idea was mine, but I realized it with my good friend Rafael Farga as director of photography.

Ignacio Luquín

What is more important to you? ... Fame, success or recognition?

It is a tricky question... Of course I want fame, but in my case it is just because I want to play for bigger crowds, bigger stages, bigger shows, I want to create better sounds and I want to evolve into whatever fame allows me to become. However, it is not only for the fame itself, I mean I am not looking for the kind of fame where people ask for photos with me or anything like that. Success is something that happens when you are doing it good. In addition, recognition eventually feels good, but in the end what makes you really feel better is recognition by somebody you love, not an award.

Therefore, I guess the three of them are equally important in their own way and in my own way.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Will you continue making music or will you take up architecture?

I definitely see myself making music in the next 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years for sure, but I would love to do architecture as well, to put down on a physical ground some ideas and colors. I do not know, the idea sounds interesting. I am in love with both sound and space so eventually I should mix them together somehow, someway.

Are you satisfied with your achievements so far in the musical field?

Well, since I am eternally unsatisfied, I am spurred on by my dissatisfaction. In fact, I am never satisfied, it is something inside me I cannot control. I mean, I recognize that it has been really good, of course. People have enjoyed my product, and thanks to their positive feedback, AVEPARADISO has grown a lot. But no, I am not satisfied with almost anything. As soon as something finishes or passes I need more.

Ignacio Luquín Aveparadiso

Ignacio Luquín

What are the obstacles you have faced or continue to face when you are an artist?

Well, I think as long as your music is good you do not have so many obstacles. I mean, you have to work a lot to get where you want to be, but that goes for everything you want to achieve in life. As a doctor, as a lawyer, as an architect, you always have to work hard if you want to be on the top of the global game.

What is the advice you would give to other creatives?

The advice would be “Stay true to the sound that is coming out of you. Don’t try to sound like someone else.”

Tell us about the process you go through when it comes to creating a new song.

The process is simple. I have a home studio, so I do everything myself. From the pianos, to guitars, drums, bass, etc. Therefore, this gives me the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. At first, I simply turn on the computer, I open Logic Pro to create a New File, and then I play around with sounds and beats. It’s kind of if I was jamming with myself. I do so until something catches my attention, and since then it's all pure magic –

Ignacio Luquín

Ignacio Luquín

Your music talks a lot about excesses, like in “WHITE DUST”, and there’s always a sense of melancholy, as opposed to your happy, relaxed and analytical personality, in my opinion. Where does this come from?

Well, it comes from who I am and what I feel. I mean, I know I have a joyful relaxed personality, which somehow I am, but I’m really suffering inside. Ha-ha... I love excesses, in all kinds of forms. I do not know why, it just works this way. If you are going to do something do it all the way to the top. Also, melancholy comes from the fact that I am in love with the idea of eternity in a world ruled by time.

Do you have any favorite songs?

Do you mean from AVEPARADISO? It might be, it might be, but right now, I’ve moved on, I’m working on new stuff. I know that maybe a lot of people don’t share my opinion, but the song of the week for me is “Only Memories Remain” by My Morning Jacket.

As I told you, DARE CLAN MAGAZINE is a space for creatives who dare to show themselves as they are to the world. This is something we look for in each of the artists we choose to interview. Therefore, to conclude this interview, what does “DARE” mean to you?

To Dare” means taking the risk of walking by faith and not by sight.

Ignacio Luquín

Join Ignacio on his musical journey by following him on Instagram & Youtube.

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