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Fast pace, sound effects over bases and voice, lyrics that remember scenes from daily life in periphery. This is RHOVE, alias Samuel Roveda, born in 2001 in Rho, Milan. His stage name is a mix between his surname and the place he was born. In addition Rhove always wants to clarify that he is not a rapper from the suburbs but a provincial rapper.


His music is full of references to the interests of his life, as the sport, for instance the single called “Cancelo” (a football player), is a mix of passion, bittersweet feelings that many young people can feel and positive messages. The singer is particularly active in the social media in which he tries to encourage young people to follow their dreams and aspirations without taking bad decisions or wrong paths. In his songs Rhove puts many French expressions and words, actually his innovative style - that is more similar to the trap that to the rap - is inspired from the urban French style. As the artist once said, his models are French rappers such as JUL, Stromae, SCH and Doria or international artists such as Morad.


In any case his passion for music comes from afar. Since he was a boy, Rhove is fascinated by rap genre, that part of music a little bit rude but always so direct and clear. At the beginning he performs on small stages as those of community centres or those in the clubs. However these little shows are just the prelude to the future. Rhove emerges in the italian trap music panorama when independently he published his first single called “Blanc Orange (na na na)” that in a very short time reaches the 300 views on YouTube. Following this wave, the artist publishes the songs “Provincia”, “Corso Europa” and “Montpellier”.

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Rhove reaches the large numbers when he publishes the song “La Zone” feat Shiva another Italian rapper. Over 7 million of streams on Spotify plus the record of reproduction (20 million) on the digital platforms with just 5 songs. However, the real big success comes with the song “Shakerando” that thanks to its fast and pounding pace reaches the peaks of all the digital musical rankings, from YouTube to Shazam. 304 million of streams and over 90 millions of views plus two platinum records and three and gold records. Rhove’s debut album has been published in June 2022 and it’s called “Provinciale”, it contains seven tracks.


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