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Born in 2013 as a t-shirt brand for the crew of Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski, nowadays it is pure fire. MISBHV is an explorative project consisting of dissonant components.

Dissonant like the visual inputs that the two law students collected in the clubs throughout the Warsaw of twenty years ago. From a Parisian showroom to the New York Fashion Week, from the attention of the London’s most exclusive stores to events all around the world. And then back to Poland, real fuel for an inexhaustible flamethrower. Freedom, architecture, music, everything.

The country today is still an accumulation of distant elements, an intriguing clash of mismatched paradigms. MISBHV devours them and spits out garments. Leather and denim, symbol of a certain economic well-being for Polish people at the early 2000s, are distorted, aggressively decorated. The slogans are crude. An echo of the perceived grotesque disharmony back at that time.

Constantly influenced by the rave culture, the acclaimed duo surrounds themselves with DJs, rappers, composers: a true tribe. Through the Sonic Sculptures they support and give voice to the artists, as adepts of the movement. It is a process of mutual exchange. It is a path toward self-expression. If there is one sure fact about Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski, it is that they always did what they liked. Almost insolent and authentic.

Until today, they do not consider themselves creative professionals and are not interested in fashion. MISBHV is another thing. Probably an attitude, a common way for shouting uncommon words, a plural lifestyle for bringing out singular identities. Inclusivity and individuality in the form of tormented and unceasing search for oneself.

done by the brand is to try redefining the general

concept of beauty, collection by collection. Under

the blurry lens of Eastern Europe’s underground

scene, the proportions change, the streetwear is

blended with floral fantasies, the tracksuits deal

with new obsessions, the bodies become emaciated.

What is commonly referred as cool starts to be read as boring, desperate and ugly collisions as attractive. A punch in the face. To disturb personal consciences, to question beliefs. The story of how provocation can open new scenarios in fashion as well as for life.

DARING FACTOR: MISBHV dares to ask queries without giving clear answers. It took part in one of the most radical change within fashion's recent history, turning a niche aesthetics into the most desired one among people of the industry and young generations. But most of all setting the concrete possibility of accepting an alternative, something else, the diverse, the obscene, the beyond. MISBHV is a material language that takes things forward.

Written by

Rocco Colella

Photos by

MISBHV Website


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