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The brand ‘Giuseppe Di Morabito’ was born in 2015 and bears the name of its founder, 27 years old from a small country village in Calabria, a land he likes to remember for its colors, traditions, rose gardens and in particular the hobby of his mother: embroidery, a typical activity for women in southern Italy. In 2015 he has the opportunity to participate in "Who is on Next?" by Vogue Italia, which gave him the right visibility, thanks to the support of Sara Maino and Franca Sozzani.

In fact, in his collections he often inserts elements that recalls this world. One of the peculiarities of the brand is being totally Made in Italy, in fact, its garments are always made with sophisticated fabrics and techniques and produced entirely in Italy. According to him quality is fundamental, as he wants to offer a product with attention to detail.

Describe yourself with three adjectives:

Sociable, creative, passionate.

What does Made in Italy mean to you?

#madeinitaly is savoir fair. Finishes of the highest quality, constructions and fine materials.

What is the brand promise on which your brand is based, like the promise you make to your consumers?

Our mission is to make the customers feel special when they wear our dresses. I want the brand to be accessible and for this reason our prices are much lower compared to that of our counterparts and other contemporary brand. We do not compromise on the quality, materials and constructions and one doesn't have to be a billionaire to buy our clothes.

What are your strengths and what do you want to express through your work?

I think the most decisive element of fashion is the construction of clothes. Although my product is positioned in the market as a contemporary clothing brand, it has many references to couture and the high end fashion. Therefore most of the dresses are supported by bustier and constructions characterized by details typically found in high fashion.

"I certainly pay attention to classic craftsmanship of Calabria, laces and crochet embroidery. Milan has introduced to a more modern and avant-garde world. It gave me the opportunity to know and introduce the chic appearance in a collection, which determines the positioning of the brand and the clientele."

What inspired your latest collection? What materials have you used?

The FW20 collection comes from a study of the classic iconic garments of the 1980s re-edited and re-presented in a contemporary way. The materials are Taffeta, Vinyl, Duchesse, tulle embroidered with sequins, printed silk satins. Even the workmanship takes its main inspiration from the 80s, for example the moulage to create maxi flowers, foulard skirts and drapery.

“A classic and traditional soul coexists in my collections contrasted with very modern and super short silhouettes. A long vintage dress of high fashion becomes a super young short dress, maybe made of vinyl. "