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15 April 2021 is a date that fashion addicts will not easily forget.

Two super brands, belonging to the same French luxury group @Kering, have done something simple and common in the fashion system: co-branding. But the result was outstanding.

We are talking about Gucci and Balenciaga (Gucciaga) who took part in the 100th birthday of the Florentine fashion house.

Gucci and Balenciaga (Gucciaga)

Alessandro Michele winks at Demna Gvsalia from the Balenciaga team for the ARIA collection: that breath of fresh air, of life, of change, which we all miss, especially in this period.

A digital movie, signed by Flora Sigismondi, brings together two distinct worlds. The logos of both fashion houses are frequently displayed and, during the show, they repeatedly embrace the collections. Moments of Gucci Party alternate with hip-hop and dance house music by Lil Pump "Gucci Gang” with sequins and feathers and with more serious and rigorous moments with Balenciaga style and Tom Ford nostalgia.

The keyword is tampering.

Alessandro Michele wanted to retrace the distinctive and traditional features of Gucci, thus recalling the 100 years passed. Despite of that, he is ready to betray the legacy that was given to him, since he hopes for another 100 years to be even more sparkling.

"Gucci becomes for me a laboratory of hacking, raids and metamorphosis. An alchemical factory of contamination where everything is in contact with everything. A place of theft and explosive reactions: a permanent generator of sparkles and unexpected desires." Alessandro Michele

It is only in evolution that we are born again. For this reason, the rigour of the Balenciaga style is plundered, the equestrian world of Gucci is celebrated by transfiguring it into a fetish cosmogony, the silhouette of Marilyn Monroe and the glamour of old Hollywood is sublimated since it tampers with the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie and the codes of male tailoring.

Gucci celebrates its being always ahead of the times, its trendsetter character that takes inspiration from brand and professionals around it, mixing these inspirations in its chemical laboratory. The result is crazy.

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