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Andrea Alkin Reggioli presents his project entitled “Interazioni” at the Manifiesto Blanco gallery in Via Benedetto Marcello 46 in Milan from 24 February to 25 March 2023.

Reggioli, a 30-year-old man from Bulgaria, conveys in this project everything that has characterised his entire artistic education, which has been diversified between music, painting, and a passion for movement and choreography.

After graduating from the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, in 2015 he presented his performance at the Venice Biennale for Albanian Pavilion.

Andrea Alkin Reggioli INTERAZIONI

It’s precisely in the title “Interazioni” that we sense the desire to create a new personal language presented through five sections: the CODE (il CODICE) , the STRUCTURE (la STRUTTURA), the COMPOSITION (la COMPOSIZIONE), the INTERACTION (l'INTERAZIONE) and FUNDAMENTALS.

The installation in the gallery clearly presents the development of the research; from the starting point (the notes of a drum score) to the final video in which a choreography develops rhythmically on a floor traced by graphic symbols as the outcome of its elaboration process.

Andrea Alkin Reggioli INTERAZIONI

The paintings on display appear as maps of an abstract landscape, trajectories, and black and white signs that become colour, from the drawn graphics to the papier collé technique that gives volume and gradually allows depth to emerge.

Andrea Alkin Reggioli INTERAZIONI

In the INTERAZIONE section, the artist presents the further step of his experimentation; obtaining music through the elaborated visual indications and arriving at the staging of FUNDAMENTALS, constructed in collaboration with the choreographer Michela Priuli, the result of the fusion of the languages depicted.

Andrea Alkin Reggioli INTERAZIONI

The Manifiesto Blanco gallery opened in 2016 in Milan is a space created by a group of people who decided to take care of contemporary art to give it a human dimension and a social purpose again.

It’s a non-profit association that, out of pure passion, dedicates its time to artistic and cultural promotion.

It was created for those artists who have decided to stay outside the traditional gallery circuits and who want to continue their free experimentation to savour the taste of pure creativity again and again.

Manifiesto Blanco, a term borrowed from the historical one that sanctioned the birth of Spatialism in Buenos Aires in 1946, has chosen to present only four exhibitions a year and to act outside the logic of the market to create free sharing and dissemination of artistic expressions.

by DMM

for Dare Clan

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