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When you are in a small reality it often happens that you can't see outside the box. Everything that is unusual is judged, discredited and treated with contempt. In such cases, it is essential to have determination and courage to pursue your passions. This is what Giulia, a young fashion designer, did. She is strong, proactive and full of ideas. She is inspired by things of everyday life and the power of observation, which is her strength. Breaking down barriers helps to create new perspectives.

Hi Giulia, welcome to Dare Clan community! Introduce yourself briefly, please.

My name is Giulia and I am 22 years old. I come from a small town in the province of Pavia, but once I finished high school, I moved to Milan to attend the Fashion Design course at IED, where I graduated with full marks in July 2019.

Who am I? I am not able to answer fully to this question, but I know who I want to be. I'm chasing a dream / a passion that is slowly becoming my job: I'm a fashion designer.

Currently, I am in Milan, the city that has become my home and that is a source of inspiration every day. But I haven't found my place in the world yet, I feel the constant need to change inside me. So, now Milan is my home, tomorrow…who knows!

Who am I? I am not able to answer fully to this question, but I know who I want to be. I'm chasing a dream / a passion that is slowly becoming my job: I'm a fashion designer.

So, you are a fashion and knitwear designer. When and how did you start?

I have always designed collections that were then actually produced, and all thanks to my studies. Especially during the third year, when I had the opportunity to create my first real collection, called “Stanno tutti bene”.

What’s your style?

I'm interested in volumes, playing with shapes and colours. I like to enhance the body by using strong lines. I often take inspiration from the past; I like to capture details from different historical periods. In my collections there is a strong feeling of melancholy, but also of a projection towards the future. I believe, that in this digital era, it is essential to be able to trace memories and preserve them, create new ones and then hold them to protect what history teaches us.

My fashion creations are ideal for…

…everyone! I would like to address those, who want to find the courage to express themselves, without limits and, above all, without giving importance to the judgment of others, that often influences us. I want to speak to strong, emancipated people who struggle to follow their dreams.

What are the must haves in the next season?

I can't tell you exactly about the next season's must-haves. We will certainly see second-hand clothes as the protagonist, with large, straight volumes and structured shoulders. Maybe an old grandfather's blazer, modified and customized according to your style. Or maybe, if you don't want to focus on vintage ... there is always my collection to buy! ahaha

I want to speak to strong, emancipated people who struggle to follow their dreams.

Who is your favorite fashion designer/brand?

My favorite designer is Martin Margiela, for sure. He represents a revolution in the fashion world. His collections have been a real source of inspiration for me. Martin Margiela used to say "Do things with what you have, and if you don't have, fake it or make it": thanks to these words, to his conception of fashion. I got very close to the concept of deconstruction, that is to dissect the cloth to discover its structure and functioning. It consists on taking what we already have and study its essence, modifying it to create something new.

What I learned from him is that to create something you have to observe the world continuously and think “how am I gonna play with it?”.

To create you have to observe the world continuously and think “how am I gonna play with it?”.

Who or what inspires you?

Pasolini said “I love fiercely, desperately life… I love the sun, grass, youth. Love for life has become a vice for me... I devour my existence with an insatiable appetite”. I am constantly inspired by everyday life. From what surrounds me. I consider myself a great observer. I capture every details and moments that I am living.

I observe, listen and learn from everything. My pc is full of thousand sketchbooks and folders of photos made by me. My mind is constantly looking for inspiration.

I like to meet different people and discover new places. I let everything take its course, meanwhile I watch and immerse myself in the reality that surrounds me. I think the most important thing is to break down the barriers and not being afraid of making changes.

Fashion means to me…

Fashion means to me creative freedom, determination and sacrifice. It is not just about clothing; it is a passion that has accompanied me since I was young and that I am currently managing to make it become my job.

From the outside, people often see just the superficial side of fashion, like events, fashion shows… but it is much more. Fashion is passion, joy but it means also hard work. In order to create a collection, you have to work hard (from iconographic research to the production of garments) and give up give up many other things. Fashion, for me, represents human creativity, which arises from study, from the tailoring cut, from the fabric, from the idea and from the new.

How would you represent the concept of DARE through fashion?

The concept that Dare wants to express is that of inclusion, it is a platform where different arts are at the same level. Fashion should express the same concept, through inclusion, that is, making everyone feel part of a community by identifying and recognizing the various types of diversity that characterize the person.

Last year you worked on a project called “Stanno tutti bene”, which has been considered one of the best theses of IED University in Milan. First of all, congratulation for your success! I would like you to tell us a little bit more about this experience, please.

Thank you! The creation of “Stanno tutti bene” was a real liberation and expression of my identity. With this collection, I wanted to tell what it feels like to live in a place where everyone is aware of every single movement and action that takes place, and how the slightest change and behaviour that stands out from the crowd is viewed negatively. Nothing can change that flow that has become cradle and daily life for the inhabitants. It makes you move without getting anywhere, it takes you away from desires and impulses. A reality, intact and rudimentary. The only way to fulfil oneself and shout one's essence to the world is to escape from this oppressive place.

I created the silhouettes and patterns of my collection by deconstructing the typical garments of my country: the suit consisting of jacket, shirt and trousers and the country apron.

I am really happy about the result and the success achieved with this collection. I believed in it since the beginning and I did my best to get the results I got.

My own favorite creation is…

This is a difficult question, but I think my own favorite creation from the collection is the jacket with the collage applied on the back. The collage is a mix of two archive photos from my town dating back to the 1940s.

What would your advice to the starting fashion designers be?

My advice to new designers is the advice I feel I can also give to myself: in the dark moments, we must not give up and continue to believe in it ... because sooner or later it will be our turn too!

Lastly, how do you see the future of the fashion industry after the Pandemic situation?

In my opinion, the future of fashion will see a slower system, but more attentive to the consumer and the environment.

The brands will have an increasingly eco-sustainable approach, both for the choice of materials and in the production of the garments.

Follow Giulia and and her brand on instagram.

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