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Kellotatoo is a breath of fresh air. Like when you work all week and finally comes the weekend. His real name is Kevin Lambruschi and the design has always been part of him. And at 16 he decides to devote 100% to tattoos. Kevin’s style is mainly characterized by lightness and formal elegance. He is most appreciated by women for his subtle touch but likes to experiment in new and different things.

Tatoo art is not only Kevin’s passion but also the common thread that binds him to his followers, a relationship with attention to detail in which you talk and exchange advice about tattoos, an example are the Ink Pills.

Hey, Kevin, what did you want to do when you were a kid?

Hello, then I dreamt of being a doctor as a child but I always had a passion for drawing, in fact then at the age of 13/14 I approached the world of tattoos watching TV shows covering them.

When did you approach tattoo art?

Then at the age of 16 I stopped school to embark on the path of tattoos by taking courses in drawings and tattoos, and then officially start in a studio at 18 years.

How would you describe your style and have you changed it over the years?

Women mainly like my style since I do tattoos with a very fine and subtle trait, but at the same time I like to try my hand in tribal/Maori/Polynesian style. Clearly over the years my style has changed evolving "with fashion" .

On social media, you’re very popular. How do you present your art unlike other tattoo artists to your community?

On social media I always try to involve my followers with questions about what they would like to see about what they would like to get tattooed etc to make people curious and that’s why I have a good following of people.

Are tattoo prejudice, in your experience?

Unfortunately, in few working environments there are prejudices as to how one is tattooed. If your tattoo is visible its a problem for many. Young people usually asking for a tattoo at a hidden place for the first time so as to avoid these kind of problems.

Have you ever refused to tattoo?

I’ve never been the one to turn down jobs.

What is the significance of tattoo for you?

The tattoo for me is an art form that represents oneself without having to talk, because it is the body that talks for you and tells your life through drawings.

Reveal your future project

Future projects ? I can’t tell them, they are secrets ahah.

Follow Kevin and his journey on instagram.

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