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Music is the main ingredient for stimulating new ideas. This is how Matteo Baldrighi, also known as Korpusart, keeps concentration and creativity high. Illustration is his passion and his job as well; every time he finds himself in front of a white sheet, a new challenge begins for him. That's exactly what ‘grow up’ means to him: to practice.

Matteo Baldrighi Korpusart
C. Bukowski

Hi Matteo, welcome to DARE Community! As first question I would ask you to introduce yourself, please.

Hi, I'm Matteo Baldrighi, an illustrator from Genoa. After high school I studied comics and illustration at the school of comics in Chiavari. After graduating from high school, I worked several years as a comic book colorist, especially for the United States. For a couple of years, after a sabbatical one, I joined Rebigo. From the moment I picked up the pencil for the first time I became an illustrator.

What is the meaning of your stage name “Korpusart”?

Many years ago, when I created my first social profile, I needed a recognizable pseudonym. I was thrilled by the evil character from a fantasy game, named Korpus. The name was cool and I started using it without knowing that it would remain with me for rest of the years. Currently, I am using it only on Instagram, because I used to sign everything with my real name.

Geppetto by matteo baldrighi korpusart

Kidlit4climate by matteo baldrighi korpusart

How has your style evolved over the years?

Well, my style has changed a lot over the years and I'm not sure I can say I have a unique one. I have found a way but from time to time I still see some new solutions come out and replace the previous ones. Sometimes it's like a sort of small evolution, while some other times it's a temporary replacement of a single job.

Does your city inspire you with new ideas?

Yes, I think so. Maybe not directly and clearly, but I think the environment in which we move and act is certainly one of the ingredients of the recipe for our way of "expressing ourselves" and it stands as the base of ideas we develop. One of the greatest stimulus and influences of recent years has been and is Rebigo, a cultural association I belong to. I work there with six other artists and every time I see how they work and the way they faced common challenges I feel myself enriched and motivated.

I read that you are addicted to music. Does it help you to focus on your work?

Yes, for sure! I listen to music basically all day long and obviously it varies according to the mood, the phase of the work, the type of energy I'm looking for. The only time I don't listen to music is when I write because I need silence to concentrate.

Matteo Baldrighi Illustration
Matteo Baldrighi Illustration

You made an illustration for @posterheroes contest 2020. The topic was “Humans at work”, what’s your opinion about that?

Once again, this year the @posterheroes have found a very stimulating theme: the relationship between man and work, as it is in the present time and as we think it may be in the future. The result was full of interesting ideas and illustrations. I think there is a lot to do to make work important, but not an all-encompassing part of our lives. . It is not acceptable, that almost the entire day goes away between the work time and time to reach it and leave it. It is not possible to spend ten, eleven, twelve hours daily to it.

In this way, the lockdown time was important because working from home, in a way that is more intense than the usual routine, has opened our eyes to a whole series of activities and attention, that we can dedicate to ourselves, to our family, without compromising on productivity.

You took part to the project #DrawThisInYourStyle supporting the House of Women @luchaysiesta. I guess it is based on a deep meaning theme, could you tell us about it?

Sure. In Rome in 2008, a group of women tore a building owned by Atac S.p.a. from abandonment and made it a meeting point for women and minors, who were victims of violence. This is how Lucha y Siesta is born.

Last year, after 11 years of activity, the same building was cleared and put up for sale. So, from Rome they made this reality known, to put the spotlight on what was happening in the capital and many artists responded to echo and give support.

Currently, the building is still on sale, the first auctions have gone empty and the Lucha y Siesta association has launched a crowdfunding for months to afford its purchase.

The saint Matteo Baldrighi Illustration
The Saint

Lucha y Siesta by Matteo Baldrighi
Lucha y Siesta

Last year you also worked on a project about climate strike. Do you think people will pay more attention to the environment?

Absolutely yes. It is essential to change our habits in a sustainable perspective for our planet and it is necessary to do it immediately, there is no more time.

This is a topic that we have also decided to address also with Rebigo and it is the core of our new self-production. We decided to explain how climate change can affect our lives and we consider doing that through tales and stories. The project was developed starting from a provocation: “how do you tell a story about whale, forest or uncontaminated island to someone who has never seen them?” Which resulted in the project: "What once was", an illustrated book where we show how Pinocchio, Robin Hood, Moby Dick and many other stories will change, if we don’t immediately change our habits, and live in a more conscientious and respectful way.

The book is crowdfunding on Produzioni dal Basso and you can find it here.

Is your art sustainable or are you planning to make it as such?

I mostly work digitally and only print a few limited edition illustrations. I don't know, if we can consider it sustainable. Maybe ... "careful"?

As an artist what is the best advice you’ve been given?

To do a lot of practice.

Amazonia by Matteo Baldrighi

Posterheros contest 2020 Matteo Baldrighi
Posterheros contest 2020

The beatles Matteo Baldrighi
The Beatles

Do you have any suggestions for those who want to start working in this field?

I would give the obvious and precious advice to those are taking their first steps in this field. There are those, who basically have more talent, and those who mature it over time, but what makes great is never stop creating, discovering and practicing.

In your opinion, what will be the new trends or styles that could be more requested in the future?

Honestly, I would like more attention to be paid to the role of art in our daily life beyond styles.

Art and culture are not marginal topics to be discussed in the living rooms, but they are everyone's thing, they have fundamental roles in the development of sensitivity, critical awareness and education for diversity.

What does ‘DARE’ mean to you? How would you represent it through your illustrations?

For me, ‘DARE’ is going beyond my own safety, comfort zone, it is like ‘swimming’ until I can’t touch the bottom. Every time I start a new illustration and find myself in front of the white sheet a new experience begins.

It often happens that I manage to achieve the expected result, but most of the time I have to get away from the coast, face the open sea, the waves and the wind.

Sometimes it's frustrating, but once I finish the job and realize that everything works, it's a great feeling.

To follow and see more of Matteo Baldrighi work click here.

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