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Maddie Regent is a young Canadian singer and songwriter who lives in New York City and started to write songs when she was eleven. She combines her two passions: theatre and writing. Maddie says that she decided to be an artist because she wants to share with people her emotions and feelings.

Hello Maddie, nice to meet you! Tell us something about you. What is your background? How and why did you start singing?

My name is Maddie, I was born in Toronto, Canada and I’m currently based in New York City. I’ve always been singing in some shape or form. When I was younger, I was really into musical theatre and creative writing. I started writing songs when I was 11 because it seemed like a happy medium between my two passions. When I moved to NYC, I worked in the film industry. I think that, for a while, I was scared to put myself in the spotlight as an artist but I eventually became more comfortable and started putting some songs online in 2019. Last summer I really buckled down and made a promise to myself that I’d really go for it and release music more seriously. I finally finished my first EP, which will be released in the summer, and I’ll be releasing 3 more songs before then. I’m so excited to share my voice and story with people. I find it easier to process tough emotions and situations through music. I’ve been through a lot, and I want to share and connect with others who are like me through my songs. At the end of the day that is why I chose to be an artist. I want to help others feel less alone.

How do you usually start writing a song?

I tend to sit at my piano and play chords that sound good together and then come up with melodies. After I have a solid melodic structure, I’ll sit and go through my notes and journal or just freestyle until a meaningful idea comes out. I find my best songs are the ones that were written without a plan. I find my lyrics are better when I just go with how I’m feeling instead of forcing a certain concept at the start.

In which kind of genre do you collocate your music?

I make pop music. The stuff I’m releasing now is definitely a more bright and upbeat pop, but I also write a lot of dark alternative pop songs that I’m excited to release after the summer.

I want to help others feel less alone

When you write your lyrics and compose your songs, do you follow any models or influences?

I like to take inspiration from artists around me for sure. I really love Julia Michaels and her style of writing. I started experimenting with writing less traditional “pop structure” hooks through listening to her songs.

An artist is also inspired by what surrounds her. Does the city where you live – New York – inspire you?

New York is the best and worst place to be an artist, I think. There’s so much going on, a lot of opportunities and places to draw inspiration from. The people here seem to really think out of the box, and it’s pushed me to do the same. But it can also be pretty lonely and discouraging, as it seems like everywhere you look someone is doing an amazing work. I try my best to keep looking ahead and focus on doing the best I can do. New York has definitely made me more resilient and I’m so thankful for that.

Your latest single is “SALT”. What is it about?

“SALT” is a song about betrayal. Breakups are super hard, especially when you aren’t the first to move on. Seeing the person you loved with someone else hurts and it's an image you can’t help but replay in your mind over and over. The concept of rubbing “salt” in the wound is something I really wanted to use to illustrate this feeling.

I think music doesn’t have to sound super perfect to still affect people

Comparing your first song “You Had It All” with “SALT”, are there any differences in the approach with your music?

The two songs are night and day in terms of production quality and preparation. “You Had it All” was a song I wrote pretty quickly and just put out without much thought. “SALT” was made after collaborating with an amazing writing/production group, LIONCHLD, and it was when I really started to find my sound as an artist. Funny enough though, “You Had it All” will always be one of my favourite songs I’ve ever made because it was the first song I ever released. I was so proud of it at the time and even now I think it’s so charming. My little sister still texts me saying how much she loves it.

I think music doesn’t have to sound super perfect to still affect people. I’ve definitely grown, and I think that’s the point. Someone coming to my Spotify will be able to see the full evolution of my music and I think that’s super cool.

Do you have any new project for the future?

I’m releasing a song called “OUR HOUSE” out Friday May 14th. I’ll be releasing a few more and then my EP will be coming late summer. Super excited for people to get more of the story of what “SALT” introduced.

What is “Our House” about?

Our House was a song I made over zoom last year. It was the first song I’d made without being in the room with my collaborators, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go as deep and be as vulnerable. But even though we were separated by a screen - we ended writing this song in a couple to of hours. It’s about betrayal in a relationship and having your life turned upside down over night because of it. Things you used to share are no longer yours anymore, and they are constant reminders of the pain that person caused. I wanted it to be a more chill pop song that people can dance and cry to.

I find my lyrics are better when I just go with how I’m feeling instead of forcing a certain concept at the start

Follow Maddie and join her on this artistic journey and to stay updated on her latest adventures on instagram.

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