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No photos to take, no videos to share, no posts to write. That’s what Clubhouse is.

Choose a profile picture, write a short biography and you get the possibility to enter a virtual Clubhouse room to listen to others sharing their opinion, to tell what you want or something which concerns the topic of conversation. Since the rooms are not recorded, once they are closed, they disappear. Also, to increase the aura of confidentiality, there is the distinctive feature of the platform: you can not sign up freely, you can only access through the invitation of another user. That’s it. A real club where you can virtually lock yourself up to talk just like you would do physically at a club or at university.

Are we in front of a modern and digital form of American fraternities? Just think of secret invitations, initiation rituals and systems of rules.

Sorry Android users, currently Clubhouse is available for IOS only.

The goal of the app developers, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, is to create a social experience that appears as human as possible. You only need to share your voice. Its structure is intentionally simple but, at the same time, immediate and comfortable for everyone, even for those who do not really know their way around digital media.

The homepage is divided quite clearly, the suggested rooms are in the foreground: as soon as you tap on one of them, you enter the heart of the conversation.

This new app hence marks the evolution of digital. We don’t have to do with a social square any longer, but with something that almost akin to a virtual living room where few elected people meet and chat.

When we talk about social networks, nothing is predictable.

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