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Hülya Kandemir is an artist from Ankara, Turkey, who produces original artworks: she mixes different kind of materials like spikes or wood and the process of inception takes a lot of time. With colors she creates visual puns and the viewers have a different perception of the paintings. With her art Hülya creates ILLUSIONS. The artist has an important and rich background in the field of art, she got two degrees and she is continuing to study to improve her technique and art. In 2015 she organised her very first exhibition and from that moment she continued to expose her work for example at the “1st International Collective Exhibition of Nisa” and at the “Sixth International Fair of Contemporary Art in ARTANKARA.”

How was the idea of creating work with this technique born?

These works can be considered as the continuation of a work that I began at the

university so I can say that I continued my university education. The materials used

were old frames colored with different dry paints put over the frames without a

specific order. I experimented this technique because I was curios to see how the

colors would have appeared over the painting. From that moment I try to develop

and also enforce this particular technique.

“In my works I discusses about important themes such as violence against women, alienation, vicious circle of people or feelings like loneliness”

You create such interesting art pieces, what kind of materials do you use to give life to your creations?

First of all thank you. Usually to realize my works I use spikes and wood but for

example in different works that I realized I used also coins, old key buttons, stones,

empty cases and also cement spikes.

What are the themes that you want to “discuss” in your works?

Because I saw that in your paintings there are a lot of historical figures. Usually when I realize something I try to catch the viewers’ attention with a specific argument. For example in my works I discusses about important themes such as violence against women, alienation, vicious circle of people or feelings like loneliness. However, as you said, I also like to depict historical figures because I like to see what kind of reaction they cause to the viewer’s eyes.

Do you use any particular technique to realize your work?

I use to work repeating a particular unity of material, I mean in my work I use the

technique of cancellation of an half or a quarter of a circle (in Turkey is called

“Kavale”), so the same material is processed four times. First of all I sharp the

edge of the material, then I cut it and paint it and in the end I paste it over the

canvas that I had already prepared previously. Since in a painting there are at least

12.000-13.000 “kavale”, the realization of the work takes a very long time and a lot

of elaboration.