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From 30 September to 29 January 2023, the Regia di Monza Orangery in Milan will host an exhibition by the American artist and sculptor Keith Haring, "Radiant Vision".

Keith Haring has already become both a classic of street art and a phenomenon, as his work, which dates back to the 1980s, is still loved and relevant today.

In 1984 Elio Fiorucci brought Keith Haring's art to Milan, inviting the young, but already popular artist to paint a completely empty Fiorucci shop; this performance remained in the memory of Milanese as a significant event in the world of street art and his art process was broadcasted on TV

Apart from Haring, Fiorucci brought the works of many talented street artists to Milan who can be lumped together in the classics of street art or old school. What about the new school?

I suggest you go through some noteworthy street art sites around the world.

Let's start with New York, the street art capital, where graffiti by New Zeeland street artist Owen Dippy on Bushwick depicts a realistic Madonna and a baby in the style of Keith Haring's work, as if to symbolise the transition to a new era of graffiti.

Image via The Bushwick Collective


Bristol is famous for its street art culture and is home to Upfest, Europe's biggest street art festival. Our attention was caught by Bristol-born Upfest participant Ant Carver.

Ant Carver is an artist from London, who graduated from Oxford Brookes with a degree in Fine Art and currently works in the studio of Wytchepel, London. With a classical training in art and his interest in street art and graffiti, Ant Carver's work combines traditional painting techniques with realistic elements and a contemporary style with abstract sketches.

Other works by Upfest Bristol participants:

ATM art work


Bex Glover is another talented Upfest Bristol participant.

She is inspired by flora and fauna, combining her urban art with nature. In her work, organic forms merge with vibrant palettes, spray-painted layers, lines of color and the outlines of animals.