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Veliz Arquitecto is a talented architectural designer from Cuba who has recently focused on residential and architectural projects in which the surrounding nature is succinctly connected to his futuristic buildings, creating a single harmonious picture. In this article, we will look at several striking examples of his work-visualizations.

The first project, called "The nests cabins" Hotel in the trees is a hotel complex, which is located in the trees and is a single organism of rooms that are connected to each other by a suspension bridge with a hotel lobby representing the core of the composition, The hotel is located away from civilization, which will allow its guests to spend time in seclusion with nature.

The project was designed in 2021

Veliz Arquitecto: Hotel complex located on the trees of a forest that are connected to each other by wooden suspension bridges and tensioners, all part of a central nucleus with a vestibule and a viewpoint restaurant that distributes the bedrooms with bathrooms, referring to a nest that welcomes us in the nature and elevates us to the heights of the trees, taking off our reality from the ground and recreating an amazing environment and a lot of relaxation, promoting wonderful views of an entire landscape that constantly welcomes us and takes us away from civilizations, it is a new tourist experience to be totally exposed to the environment and at the same time as a haven of peace and tranquility.

Fishbowl house

Fishbowl house, the work of Veliz, whose design deals with the inner self-perception of people during the pandemic. The architect placed his rendering in his native Cuba.

Veliz Arquitecto: Being at home in recent times has become a refuge and at the same time a momentary prison that has saturated us with being so long without contact with the outside environment, this concept without stairs or defined access shows the invalidity of the spaces of the house that each time they become one, I try to recreate a harmonious concept that distinguishes a safe interior surrounded by fragments and pieces of outer space such as vegetation which brings us closer to our most natural environment.

I show a cold and desolate external space full insecurity separating the floor from the house as one of the strategies to keep us safe, it is not a coherent concept in the practice of being inhabited at all; It is just a representation of my interpretation regarding what happened in recent times of the pandemic, the Glass Fishbowl protects us apparently but it can be very fragile, inside it is the safest place and our best memories from the outside wrap us.

Veliz created many works, each of which is unlike the other due to its variety of forms and non-tepic ideas, but all of them are united by a laconic combination with the terrain, where Art Nouveau buildings do not conflict with the environment, but complement it

by MN

for Dare Clan

Visualizations: Veliz Arquitecto


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