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ZEROBARRACENTO is a fashion brand which aim is “restoring the values of the fashion industry”, this means that there are no restrictions imposed, regarding the age or gender. Another fundamental concept for the Made in Italy brand, is sustainability and the way in which all the garments are created: the manufacturing process is at the base of the project.

How was the idea 0/100 born? Can you tell us its story?

In 2014 I graduated in Fashion design from the Politecnico in Milan and completed my studies in November 2015 with a master in Sustainability in fashion at Esmod Berlin. I chose to attend this master program because during several visits to textile companies, I realized the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry and the urgency of optimizing manufacturing processes.

ZEROBARRACENTO was created with the aim of restoring the values of the fashion industry, breaking free from seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age and gender: no one can tell us what we can or cannot wear, be or want.

Seasonless garments, at the same time armor and protection, designed for longevity, based on the idea of connection and durability.

The name ZEROBARRACENTO comes from the great attention to sustainability and manufacturing traceability:

  • zero waste, pollution and emissions, gender or age

  • 100% Made in Italy, use of fabrics, sustainability and transparency in the manufacturing process.

How important is the concept of sustainability to the brand?

Sustainability is one of the core values of the brand along with functional design and inclusiveness. We only use premium materials that come from certified green suppliers and our supply chain is completely circular.

The brand redefines the manufacturing processes and decisions to take when it comes to the creation of a collection, since each element is designed to achieve zero-waste. A model-type and a commitment we fully achieved, thanks to the use of single-fiber products, which include selvedge, and the abolition of accessories that are difficult to disassemble.

How would you link the concept of "daring" to your brand?

ZEROBARRACENTO was born from the desire not to revolutionize, but to re-shape the values of the fashion industry, breaking free from seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age and gender, creating a product that can embrace and accompany the person who chooses it in the different stages of life, adapting to changes in body, style and personality.

Because we all constantly change and evolve, but we need an anchor, a "security blanket" that accompanies and "embraces" us every day.

A garment to love. A key element in the wardrobe. But above all a uniform of our identity, at the same time armor and protection. Adaptable garments that, thanks to the soft and destructured shapes and the long belts, adapt to the different shapes we assume every day. It is true that changes in our body are more evident, but also our mood and approach to life constantly change. One day we feel more confident, the next we need to hide a little, or feel wrapped in a warm embrace.

ZEROBARRACENTO doesn't judge but rather welcomes, doesn't exclude but rather includes, doesn't waste but rather enhances. It combines emotionality with the object. The outerwear is the distinctive garment by definition, the first contact we have with other people, then it becomes a tool to express ourselves.

I read that you presented your collections on several important occasions and you received some awards. Is there any memory in particular that you keep in your heart?

The most memorable moments are when we meet new potential customers, it's nice to see their expression when the garment "takes shape" on their body. From a 2d vision we move to a 3d one and the garment merges with the physicality of the person wearing it and takes on shapes that even I - the designer - would not expect.

In your opinion, how can you really make a brand unique and recognizable?

Firstly, the driver values of the brand have to be extremely clear in your mind in order to translate them into messages and aesthetics. And then, you have to take care of your customers, trying to convey them all your passion.

What do you mean with the expression "A silent luxury"?

We want our garments to be like embraces: warm, inclusive and expressively unique to each of us.

Gender and age fluid for a very clear reason: no one can tell us what we can or cannot wear, be or want and let alone someone can determine what is appropriate in absolute terms.

Quality over quantity, uniqueness over seriality, traceability and transparency over closure. Made in Italy doesn’t stand for “conviction of superiority”, but rather for the means to trace every step of the manufacturing process, collaborate with excellent and open-minded suppliers that want to create a short supply chain. We are an eco-friendly clothing brand.

We choose values, not consumerism. We want to attract connoisseurs of design that are ready to fall in love with our design and marry it, but above all we want to attract people who see in it an enhancer of their personality and aesthetic identity.

When you have to choose the materials for your garments, what do you base your choice on?

We certainly pay great attention to the manufacturing process and materials that are always top quality and faithful to the concept of sustainability and zero-waste:

  • such as the circular economy production process of Re-VerSo™, which allows us to obtain high quality wool, cashmere and baby camel, 100% Made in Italy;

  • Bemberg™ fiber by Asahi Kasei, a next-generation and biodegradable material made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linter, which is converted through a traceable and transparent closed-loop process;

  • the premium high-tech polymer Newlife™, polyester made through the recycling of plastic bottles collected in Northern Italy.

We prefer GRS-certified materials to avoid using virgin raw materials. We collaborate with Italian companies that employ a smart and innovative manufacturing process, with an ethical and sustainable approach, aimed at respecting nature and maximizing the transparency of their entire manufacturing process. Our manufacture is fully traceable.

Camilla Carrara Founder and zero-waste designer ZEROBARRACENTO

Who is the 0/100 brand for?

Our customers are looking for designer clothes that can enrich their daily lives. They want to fall in love with the design itself, but also with its inherent values. We want to attract connoisseurs of design, who want to fall in love with our design and choose to marry it.

It's a choice of value as opposed to consumerism. ZEROBARRACENTO lovers are no conspicuous consumers, not flashy, looking for self-realization and "mental well-being". Our goal is to act as enhancers of their personality and aesthetic identity thanks to our garments.

Our current target:

  • 25 - 35 U/D/*: they appreciate art, architecture, design and fashion. They are slow consumers, or better non-fast fashion, detail-oriented people, who want to showcase an unconventional type of aesthetic.

  • 35 - 65 D: "Not afraid to grow old", she is an independent woman looking for reinforcement in her wardrobe. She’s glam but somehow fun, a workingwoman looking for comfort, personality and versatility.

  • Over 65 D: "crazy", but probably smarter than the rest of us, a teacher or something like that, who has a strong personality. She is looking for something new that represents the new stage of her life where she can be free to wear what she wants.

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Images: For garments courtesy Altaroma


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