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La Prima: The first one

Unique piece

Federico Lemoine, 2020




“I spent a lot of time thinking. I spent a lot of time trying to create. I felt the need to externalize something that I could not even identify.


I drew a shape, I tried to sculpt it in clay, but I didn't appreciate the result, thus I broke it and I decided to start again the process.


Then, something happened. One day I didn't want to think anymore. I simply took some clay in my hands and closed my eyes… I experienced a moment of total immersion.


I was so concentrated that my brain was no longer able to control my hands, my body and its movements. Something unknown to me, a force, guided my gesture.


At the end of the evening, I had a sort of awakening. I looked at what I had created with a certain curiosity. It was as if I wasn't the one who made the sculpture. It was the first time.


After this episode, I understood that it wasn’t just evaluating the quality of the work once it was completed,  but also appreciating the path taken to the realize creation.  

It was the first exploration into my own unconscious.”

LA PRIMA - Federico Lemoine

€ 350,00Price
  • SIZE

    7 X 7 X 30cm


    Unbaked Clay and Acrylics

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