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La Velata : The veiled 

Unique piece

Federico Lemoine, 2020




“Why did I shape this form and why did I choose these colors?


I don’t know.


To be honest, this work is so personal that I don't even know which name could describe it.

What I know instead is that every gesture I made during its realization was characterized by a certain precision and naturalness.


That's exactly what I like about art: creating, without necessarily wanting to understand what your hands are doing. 


Every hidden dream, every thought that was enclosed in my mind , unexpressed  find their freedom in art. Inventions of the subconscious shape up, hidden dreams get colored. The sculpture becomes a creation of the subconscious, that my mind can choose to understand or not.


The work is therefore called "La Velata": not for the veil she wears, but for what I place between me and her. "

LA VELATA - Federico Lemoine

€ 450,00Price
  • SIZE

    7 X 7 X 35cm


    Unbaked Clay and Acrylics

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