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Art has many aspects. It can be expressed with music, with paintings or dancing. Some artists find in drawing the way to communicate and to express their feelings. Over the years also the concept of “drawing” has changed, for example introducing the 3D techniques.

3d artist Hossein Diba's artwork with 3d techniques

In 1982 the American engineer Chuck Hull invented stereolithography to realize three-dimensional objects and founded the 3DSystems company. Three years later Hull founded his company and began to release 3D printers, he was the forerunner of this industry.

Over the years the 3D techniques have constantly evolved: in 1995 the German Institute for Laser Technology, Fraunhofer Institute, used for the first time the technique of “Selective laser melting” which gave the possibility to generate solid objects. 2005 is the turning point of the 3D industry because thanks to “Self replicating rapid Prototyper” principle, a 3D printer can reproduce itself. Many 3D printers were born and so a lot of aspirant designers had the opportunity to begin to

work to their projects.

Young artist Hossein Diba's artwork of a 3D homer simpson

Hossein Diba was one of them. This young artist expresses his genius through 3D design: he gives to his characters that extra bit that makes them seem real. He creates avatars of real people but he also depicts movie characters or superheroes.

“Hulk”, “Popeye the Sailor Man”, “Jon Snow”, “Joker” or “Gollum”. These are only a few characters that the Turkish digital artist Hossein Diba has drawn recently. He specialises in three - dimensional modelling that means to give a three - dimensional shape to something in the virtual space of computer.

Since he was a kid, his passion has always been drawing and he said that for the first time he imagined himself as a modeler, when he saw the movie “Jurassic Park”. However when he was a child computer graphics was developing new techniques and it wasn’t a cutting edge area yet, even if was made great strides. Over the years he developed his passion for design and 3D techniques and today he is a specialist in this field. Human and animal anatomy is the other Diba’s passion: he knows almost everything about body and its parts, and this knowledge allows him realize such incredible works.

Young artist Hossein Diba's artwork of a 3D Lisa simpson

Young artist Hossein Diba's artwork of a 3D marge simpson

Young artist Hossein Diba's artwork of a 3D Bart Simpson

Young artist Hossein Diba's artwork of a 3D Marge Simpson

His last project was the “humanization of The Simpson” the most famous yellow family created by Matt Groening. You have never seen Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa like this.

Oliver Latta is another great talented 3D artist and art director. He is from Germany and he’s best known as “Extraweg”. He studied design at the Bauhaus University in Dessau, Germany and he discovered his passion for 3D design, becoming one of the most interesting artist out there. His works are full of expressiveness, Latta shows everyday life moments in such original ways.

Oliver Latta has also collaborated with important musicians such as “Bring Me the Horizon” and “Gorillaz”.

3D design is a constantly evolving area, with this incredible art it is possible to do many things which can involve different areas such as education, healthcare or information.

Follow Hossein Diba and Oliver Latta and their work on instagram.

Article by

Sara Orlandini


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