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The art of illustration is able to capture a moment, isolate and idealize it. But what happens when it meets with graphic design and photography? Alexandra Fuerte explains it to us, a young artist from Spain. Illustrating, for Alexandra becomes a safe haven in a chaotic reality like ours. The marine world is always present in her works. Like a wave, we were overwhelmed by Alexandra’s art.

Alexandra Fuerte

Who is Alexandra Fuerte and how did she come to illustration?

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. Since practically I have memory use, I have been a person who has loved to draw. When I was 16, I made the decision to continue my studies at an art school, after finishing 2 years of artistic bachelor's degree I decided to study Graphic Design for four years. Since then I have not stopped illustrating and designing. Now that I am graduated in my artistic field, I am looking forward to undertaking new projects.

Does your artistic and working path begin with graphic design or photography?

My artistic and professional career began with photography, from a very young age I have always had a camera in hand. I have always been that girl who recorded and

photographed every moment. This has helped me to start my career as a graphic

designer, I believe that photography and design go hand in hand and are connected.

Alexandra Fuerte Illustration

Alexandra Fuerte Illustration

In your illustrative project "Contratiempo" there is an abstract transfiguration of the

human face. What is an artist looking for who cannot find in reality?

In front of the seas of color so characteristic of abstract expressionism, in front of those doors that open to the landscapes of the soul, to the mysterious voids, abysses of being, I understood that what was truly essential was there, outside of speed and noise, of the news, the routines, that in that place it was possible to stop everything and start again, with other rhythms, with eyes and minds open to capturing those little glimpses of truth that go unnoticed when we hurry, when we continue like automatons the course of the world and we stop asking questions and feeling ourselves.

Sea and rocks, lighthouses, lifeguards, boats, and fish. Many elements belonging

to the sea world are present in your works. Pure chance or studied choice?

I love the sea world, it is always present in my works in one way or another, for me the sea is a way of life, it is the only one that does not disappoint you, the one that you can sit in front of it and tell it all your regrets and make yourself feel safe and complete. It is not pure chance that many of my works have sea elements, it is a very studied choice, because in the future I would like to work for a company that could use part of its advertising campaigns to try to save the oceans and try to consume less plastic in order to have less contamination in the world.

What happens when two artistic disciplines come together? Well, the magic begins.

Alexandra Fuerte

Alexandra Fuerte

What can these two forms of art, illustration, and photography, learn from each


While photography manages to capture reality, illustration can isolate, stylize or idealize the aspects that it wishes to represent. And the thing is... What happens when two artistic disciplines come together? Well, the magic begins. We can get into totally new and unexplored worlds with these two techniques, illustration brings to photography what dreams do to reality.

Pictures, very often, are stronger than words. Tell us about your Gender & project

Sexual Revolution.

The project is based on the creation of a magazine focused on the LGBTQ community. It will consist of a series of interviews with people from this group, together with their photographs and identity. Entertainment, culturing and making the LGBTQ collective more visible are the objectives of this work; try to provoke in users a comprehensive, bittersweet experience, which makes them ask certain questions, such as asking for help, feeling identified, being able to share their point of view and even participate in future editions.

Alexandra Fuerte

Today, the illustrator's work seems to be very difficult due to the great competition

and always new techniques. What advice would you give to a young person

who takes this path?

I would tell them that transforming your passion into a profession is difficult but not

impossible. In the case of Illustration, it involves a series of important steps that must be followed, such as practicing a lot, trying many techniques, both, digital and traditional, getting your hands dirty, making mistakes, trying again, learning from other professionals with more experience and thus knowing new technical styles and possibilities that this profession can offer and step by step, believing in yourself, go into the world of illustration. But above all I would tell them to always do what you are passionate about and not be influenced by others, keeping the essence is the most important thing.

To know more of Alexandra's work, click here.

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