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When you see a window on the sea, a mother who calls her son’s name to go home, the warm earth under her feet, a man with his pencil in his hand who cannot help but get carried away by his sketches in the paper... Because Those are the best times. The wind and the salt. The evening and the myrtle.

That’s one name and many inspirations: Marras.

The dramatic spectacle, the experience and the care of the products are the values that Antonio Marras has chosen as beacons in his journey. The theatricality that embraces the aesthetics of Marras garments is a continuous amazement for the consumer who is completely immersed in an intimate space like the living room Nonostante Marras, the brand’s flagship store in Milan.

"The Antonio Marras brand was conceived as and remains an experiential brand. We have always paid attention to craftsmanship, details of the garments, quality and production. But with our in-house team we are working on and implementing the digital aspect."

The words of Efisio Rocco Marras – Creative Director and firstborn of Antonio Marras – sound clear.

Change is a part of every path of life and is a symbol of intelligence to adapt to it while maintaining its roots, its perfume, its heritage.

“Marras and digital” it may seem like an oxymoronic concept oxymoron in some ways, but it is not. Simply, it is a form of evolution, a response to a cruel pandemic that has taken so much, – perhaps too much – away from us.

The playful instinct and reflection remain intact, but they use other, more contemporary garments.

Even The reality of the brand remains unchanged. Trust, passion and heart are essential to explore new lands. And the brand has all the potential to do so.

On 26th February 2021 we, in fact, had the first taste. Su Nuraxi is the digital Full Show Fall Winter 2021/2022 taken from the idea of the designer and Patrizia Sardo Marras. : a breath-taking Sardinia, the Nuragic complex and the poetics signed by Marras. It’s a sweet combination of ancient and modern. Traditions are not to be forgotten. A real show shot for three days between the lights of the island, with a scrupulous attention to every single thing.

Antonio Marras told us stories that are plotted in this very location. A fairy aura that surrounds the entire Nuragic complex.

The storyteller uses a new, innovative, modern medium approach to tell the tradition of the Sardinian land, the energy you feel once you get close to the Nuraghi and the wonderful magic of the place.

Su Nuraxi reflects the craftsmanship and savoir faire that has always distinguished the brand. The story – as Antonio Marras told us – describes these magical presences that accompany go along with the work of sewing and embroidery.

It’s easy to get lost in the words of the designer:

"We must look to the future, but we cannot lose the past. We must draw from the past and project it into the future. The future needs solid roots, that is, those of the past".

The Sardinians are the children of a land that has always welcomed the stranger, – the stranger and the new. The brand wants to take a new path. And all we can do is sit down and enjoy the show.

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