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Beautiful yet horrifying glimpse into the future, where overpopulation has spiraled out of control.

It is a daunting world which becomes gloomier due to an over-use of technology in our daily life. The video is characterised by a profound narrative.

We are fascinated by this piece where graphics and music are blended into a meaningful artistic output which leads us in vision of a futuristic world (2100).

Anvil is a music video by Hélène Jeudy and Antoine Caëcke.

The two artists work together as GERIKO. Their technique using only black and white contribute in rendering the difficult atmosphere which particularly in these days seem

to besiege our societies and lives.

It is a robotic monochrome world the one depicted (which somehow remind the atmosphere of loneliness that an artist such as Edward Hopper portrayed for 19th Century urban landscapes).

In a technological city deprived of human contacts even a young women is somehow perceived as a robotic machine in a world where “functionality” becomes a totem and accompanies you also in your last moments of life.

The noirish cyberpunk piece shows the journey of a young woman, named Ana Cassini in her last moments on late 22nd century Earth. The journey is deeply mesmerising, full of melancholia and creeping technological dread.

The authors explain:

“Right from birth, people receive a robot for their daily needs like cleaning up, games, education, social and sexual life, until the day it signals the end of their right to live on Earth.”

“The robot then follows his owner to one of the Anvil facilities, activating the machine that will end the citizen’s days. During this transition, the body is destroyed and a part of the robot is recycled as a server/funerary urn.”

A fusion of both Japanese and Belgian comics inspirations and sensibilities, the duo has made sure the animations closely follow the rhythm of the beat.

The subject matter of overpopulation, the postmortem social network is very relevant but it seem to touch our souls in our current status.

Written by

Riccardo Aimerito

Photos by

Google Images