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Becoming a Suicide Girl is a choice. A bold choice. This community must still face many stereotypes and prejudices. We entered this world thanks to one of the protagonists – Jade. The Suicide Girls defend a type of beauty which is not standardized - a minimal detail that makes a difference and above all the freedom to express themselves.

We wanted to discover together with Giada the important values of this close community and the detail of the tattoo, which is not all.

Hi Giada, when did you learn about the world of "Suicide Girls"?

I became aware of the platform itself when I was about 14 years old and I was starting high school, but the real interest developed later in time.

When and how did you identify yourself as a SG and became part of the community?

Let’s say that for a couple of years I thought about alternating periods but then for one reason or another I never took the initiative to jump even if I already took some pictures and all in all "I saw". After about a couple of years, I went to make my first official set for the site, which took about 4 months of "queue" to be uploaded (yes, because on #suicidegirls the line to get in is a bit long – when a set is accepted by the staff, it takes 4/5 months so that it is visible to the community). At the time I was a Hopeful – that is not an official #suicidegirl but, say, "an aspirant". After that, about a month after the release of my first set, I received an email informing me that it had been bought and then from that moment I became an official #suicidegirl.

What inspires and motivates you most in what you do?

If I like something and it makes me happy, that’s a motivation in itself, if it also gives me the opportunity to move to other cities, meet new people and get some work or external collaboration thanks to the visibility that this position offers, of course I do it with a smile – I met so many dear friends.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Suicidegirls is that it is undoubtedly a good 'springboard' for both work and social activities, I really enjoy traveling to prepare new sets, and we often organize days dedicated to that, where maybe we find a location and take turns shootings. In this way, we girls – and also the site photographers as well – get to know each other and be together, and in the end we always spend beautiful days, we exchange ideas and many other things. In other occasions, we organize real Shootfest that last a few days. The beauty is that it is a truly complete community.

Suicide Girls break the standard stereotypes of beauty, what is beauty to you?

In my opinion, beauty is anything you can appreciate. Even a day spent in the right way becomes a beautiful day. As for aesthetic beauty, it is something so subjective that I honestly cannot explain.

How important is the concept of provocation if you are a Suicide Girl?

More than 'provocation', we say that SG is very keen on the idea that every type of girl is beautiful in her own way to 'customs clearance' the image of the standard model. On the Suicide girls media website, it says, 'What some people think makes us weird or different, we think is what makes us beautiful'. They couldn’t say it better.

One of the basic concepts of the SG community is the great mutual support: the rights of all are defended, from sexuality to what one wants to express. You have the courage to be free. What is your relationship with other girls in the SG community?

Among us girls – as I have already mentioned before – we all support each other. Both between us Italian (today we are about 80) and other SG, we always give support to each other when we publish some content or when a new set comes out. With some in particular, I have created quite a bond.

What do you think of the media’s perception of the Suicide Girls world?

Honestly, I think not everyone is well informed. Unfortunately, I happened to read more of something (especially around the internet) related to the community and often many ideas were totally misunderstood or wrong, such as (the most popular ever) that to become an official SG tattoos and piercings are mandatory. This is not the case at all, in fact, even girls are taken without even a drop of ink on their skin.

The "movement" Suicide Girls was brought into being in 2001 by a model of Onlyfans Subscription. What do you think about the popularity of the #Onlyfans accounts used by creative people? And what does this mean?

I believe that – by 2021– it is more than right to evolve, if someone can profit from an online platform, why not? I don’t see anything wrong with it, but at most I can say that it is a great progress, then of course, those who do not want can do without it, but I hate the fact that many don’t understand. For example, in America OF is a normal thing, whereas here in Italy I still hear too many people say it is not 'ethical' and things like that. What is the difference between a girl who models and puts her own paid content on Onlyfans and a Chef who does the same thing with their recipes? Or an artist who teaches their techniques? I don’t see any differences, I just see an extra earning opportunity for those who want to try to enter that world.

Do you think that people still have prejudices and a lack of empathy towards a profession that does not follow the "classic" canons, or aligns with the standards of society?

Some certainly, but all in all I think that in recent years many things have changed, who knows in the future how many other new professions will emerge thanks to technology!

You have a significant number of followers in your social media channels. What do you like to share with your community?

I mainly post pictures from my sets, since most of my followers come just from SG, but other times I also like to share some shots done autonomously.

One of the most noticeable features in the Suicide Girls community is the art of tattooing. As you know, this month, Dare is celebrating tattoos in all their forms, and I would like to know what role do tattoos play within the SG community?

Yes, we SG are also often called 'tattooed models' as well, we do have tattoos - several – but as I said before it is not essential to be part of the team. Anyway, in the community the tattoo itself is very appreciated, as a matter of fact, we have many threads dedicated for example to our favorite tattoo artists, tattoos we are most fond of etc....For a few months, they have even opened a new Instagram page only dedicated to our tattoos, in that case I also sent some photos of my favorites and I mentioned the tattooers.

Do tattoos have any special meaning?

I’ll speak for myself: some yes, and maybe they are the ones I’m most proud of because it’s always nice to have something we keep on our skin forever, whereas others were made for pure aesthetic taste instead.

Finally, what does "DARE" mean to you?

Daring, in my opinion, means getting out of the box, out of your comfort zone. I think that in some cases it is really vital to try to dare in order to understand where we might actually go.

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Article by

Vivian Di Lorenzo & Karvishi Agarwal

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