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As the Coronavirus continues to spread, graphic designers and illustrators from all around the world have started to use their social media accounts to share powerful, and in some cases, funny images and animations that can create the difference and can help people to know how to take care and slow down COVID-19.

Here's our selection of Coronavirus Images:

Steffen Kraft

During the last few days, the German designer and photographer has created a series of hopeful and amusing images related to the coronavirus spread. On his instagram account, ICONEO, invites people to stay strong during these strange times and to no fall into collective panic.

United in social distancing by Steffen Kraft

Fear is highly infectious

Would you be my quarantine?

Tang Yau Hoong

Malay illustrator Tang Yau Hoong creates surreal and fun images in a simplistic and unique way, as we can see in his last Coronavirus inspired posts on his Instagram account.

Stay healthy and take no chances

Take care and stay strong everyone.

Share facts, not fear. COVID-19 affects everyone regardless of race or ethnicity.

Paul Fuentes Design

Artist duo Paul and Ilse create minimalistic mash-up images with pastel backgrounds, under the New pop art movement. We love their interpretation of the Fight Club soap.

The first rule is wash your hands

Sara Andreasson

Swedish designer and illustrator, Sara Adreasson started to create awareness through images to stop spreading the pandemic disease and inviting her followers to remain at home with a comfy hoodie and a good aperitivo. Nice quarantine plan, don’t you think?

The first rule is wash your hands


Mona Chalabi

The British Data journalist has published useful infographics on her website and Instagram account to educate people about Coronavirus. Some of the infographics include COVID-19 symptoms, the speed with which the virus spreads, among others. Amazing fact about her work: it’s translated into 13 languages!

If you think you might be sick and you can stay at home, then STAY THE FUCK AT HOME.

We all seem to be mixing up these terms so here's a little guide.

Even during these hard times, creativity cannot be beaten by Coronavirus. Use this time at home to improve your skills, and like these creatives be inspired by the situation to help others and serve a greater good to stay safe and strong!

Written by

Eddy Arguello

Photos by

Images sourced from artists Instagram


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