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In the last few years, more and more brand new young talents are coming up in the national music scene, thanks to the constant and rapid evolution of social sharing platforms and an increasingly inclusive concept of musical art. Clara is an Italian emerging singer with Brazilian roots, and her amazing voice brings a breath of fresh air that is grounded in a solid family music tradition.

Keep scrolling down for finding out more about Clara’s passion for music and get ready to be charmed by her incredible voice!

clara italian singer with brazilian vibes

Hi Clara, introduce yourself, tell us something about you.

Hello! My name is Clara and I am 21. I was born in Milan, Italy, but my family comes from Brazilian.

So, we know you are a very talented singer. Tell us, when did you start singing?

I remember the first time I went on stage as if it was yesterday! I was 7 years old and I was attending with my whole family a small music show of my father, who’s a musician himself, and his fellows musicians. All of a sudden, he called me from the audience to duet together. I was very nervous, but the very moment I put foot on that stage, I felt home.

How important is music to you?

Music plays a fundamental role in my life, both professionally and emotionally.

How much has the fact that your father worked in the music world affected your musical career?

There’s no doubt the fact that my father is a musician has had a big influence on my perspective on music. That’s precisely thanks to him that I have learned to consider music both as a passion and a job opportunity. My father taught me soul and jazz are the kind of music that best help me express myself when I sing.

clara italian singer with brazilian vibes

Which music style have you feel to be more in your vibe?

A musical genre that I have particularly made my own, in addition to soul and jazz which I was mentioning above, is R&B.

Let’s give us some music advice. Who are your favorite artists?

The singers who have inspired me since I was a child and who still are my role models today are Aretha Franklin, Etta James and, my absolute favorite, Beyoncé.

Some argue that in order to become a professional in the singing field there is no need to take lessons. What do you think about this?

I totally disagree with this statement. The voice is a very delicate instrument and you have to take care of it.

Taking singing lessons is necessary to preserve and improve your singing skills.

What do you think is necessary in Italy to "break through" in the music world?

In my opinion, in Italy as in the rest of the world now, if you want to break through it’s very important to have a great visibility on social media, so as to stay in touch with your followers.

As you just said, nowadays social media are like a showcase for artists. So, what’s your relationship with social media?

Social media are certainly a platform with lots of potential but, personally, I rarely have a lot of content. I know I should devote myself to it a bit more, as it can be a good springboard.

What is ART for you?

For me, art is expression, freedom and a great way to touch people's soul.

Do you have any future plans? And what’s your secret wish?

In the future I would like to become a singing teacher, and that's precisely what I'm studying now.

My secret wish, though, is to become a singer.

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