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A train of inspiration. When self-expression becomes a necessity and the only way is through music.

Hello Coco. Tell us a little about yourself, what is your background and how do you define yourself?

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself: I am 22 years old, my name is Costanza, also known as Coco because my mother used to call me Co and that nickname then became Coco, that is my current stage name.

Music was my first love, since I was a child I have always lived with music. Initially I approached dance and then, with all the music and sounds I listened to, I also approached the world of singing.

So I started using this form of expression that is perfect for me and embodies all the things I love. I like to express myself through songs, thoughts, transcribe them on a sheet of paper, and make them become a melody. I define myself as an ambitious girl because even if I don’t know what I will do or who I will be in the next few years, when I put something in my mind I try to do my best to achieve my goal. Especially if I like to do something I always tend to share this passion with all the people around me. So, my journey as a singer began when I was a child, first dancing and then writing lyrics and concepts to be sung to the beat.

What are your goals for the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?

My goals and plans for the future are very much in line with everything that music represents. I’m not sure how my singing career will go, but I know very well that in the future I will continue to work in that environment. Working in this field is the thing that would make me really happy.

Can we define your EP “Parola” more like a box which contains all your passion, or is it a project made with the aim of creating your own way to have a successful career?

“Parola” is a collection of texts that I wrote during my adolescence. Every morning I used to take the train, take a seat, put on my headphones, and start writing. It represents that period of adolescence full of lightheartedness, but also the moment when people start thinking a lot and deeply. So, that period was an endless conflict between thoughts and lightness.

I wanted to combine all these feelings in one collection.

Answering your question, it is definitely not something that was designed with the purpose of creating a path, but it can still be considered as a start. I don’t really know what the future holds for me in the music industry, but let’s say that this was a piece of me and my life that I really wanted to share, since it was a period that I lived with great intensity. We all know that adolescence is one of the most critical but also the most beautiful periods in life.

In conclusion, the EP is a series of projects born from my passion, thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

What do you think when you write and compose your music? What are the issues you like to discuss in your songs? Does this come from the need to express yourself and your thoughts?

When I write it is because I feel the need to do it. I don’t think about writing all day long, but at some point I reflect on a consideration, a sentence, a thought or something that I need to transcribe and therefore the only way to vent is to write.

The themes I like most to talk about are the daily ones that touch me in particular and those that I personally experience. I write very well when I feel that I need to express something that touches me personally and that I am experiencing on my skin.

I think it works this way for all artists and in particular for those who express themselves through music and art. When real artists write things that they really feel and really touch them, the result is totally different from writing about something that doesn’t belong to the artist.

So, my answer is that I write out of emotional need, I need to let off steam in some way, and therefore very often all this takes the form of music.

Dance also gives me many possibilities for expression and freedom. So, music and dance are two apparently very different forms of expression, but in reality they share a common element which is sound.

Who are the artists you take inspiration from?

I grew up with rap and hip hop in my ears. One of my favorite artists before and still is Fabri Fibra. I have an unconditional love for him, I’ve always liked his lyrics and they always have taught me something. As for style, one of my idols is Gue Pequeno, who is the most “boastful” part of me, compared to Fabri Fibra, in whom I see myself again as regards the introspective, sentimental side and for the use of metrics that are… let’s say “old-school”.

I would say that these are the artists that inspire me the most and that I like the most. I don’t know if these influences are understandable or perceptible in my lyrics.

Do you have your own motto or a quote that best describes the way you live and challenge yourself?

I don’t have a real motto, but I believe that when you do something out of passion it is important to share it with people and persevere. It is important not to be afraid to take a leap into the void or of what people might think: “You are who you are, don’t be afraid of not being accepted. Share what you love to do and do not be afraid to express yourself”.

And, that’s exactly what I did. At first I was super skeptical about creating this project, but in the end, I really wanted it because it would have been a shame to close all this period in a drawer pretending it never happened. I also think it’s so much fun, I love making music so I can say that “sharing” is also part of the game.

What advice would you give to your colleagues?

My dispassionate advice to my colleagues is to keep writing, singing, and doing what they love the most. I am not saying that it has to become the only point in your life, but if it’s something that makes you feel good and represents a passion or more, why not keep pushing in this way?

Don’t be obsessed with numbers, just make music for pure pleasure and enjoyment and do it because that’s what you want and what you like to do in life.

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