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Simona is a young Italian designer. Born and raised in Puglia, she then moved to Turin to begin her university career at IAAD specialising in "interior and furniture design". Today Simona is finishing her Master in Interior, Exhibit and Retail Design at the Politecnico di Torino. She acquired theoretical knowledge and solid foundations to be able to start her career in the Design industry.

We spoke with Simona, to understand a student's point of view and as a young emerging designer.

emergent designer Simona De Fazio under a wall mosaic

Which do you consider more important: functionality or aestheticism ? How do you combine both of them ?

Since the early years of my studies, I have learned that the two go hand in hand: both are fundamental and one must compensate for the other. However, appearance is important too, we are all first attracted to the exteriority of an environment or an object, aren't we?

What’s your design process like? Where do you start?

I write down some ideas, some sketches. I start from an in-depth research of images, from which I create some inspirational folders.

Emergent designer Simona De Fazio's project

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

What inspires you ?

I am inspired by images, suggestions, other projects that I deepen on blogs and magazines in the sector such as Pinterest, Designboom, Design milk, Dezeen and magazines such as Elle Decor, Domus, Frame, Wallpaper, AD and Icon Design. But music is also a very important vehicle of inspiration, as to go to an exhibition or to take a walk.

If a student wanted to enter the field, what advice would you give him/her?

Personally I’ve been lucky, I embarked on a stimulating study path that I would recommend to anyone, who wants to undertake this job. I would suggest doing more different work experiences to better understand which sphere interests you most, from a small or large private practice to a larger company. The personal advice is to put passion and commitment into it, reinvent yourself every day and assert your ideas. It is important to give character and an authentic touch to a project.

What do you see for the future of design?

In this moment it is difficult, as Design is already a very complex field and not everyone really knows it at 360 °. Ideas related to the Corona Virus could be developed, also in the restaurant sector, for example, and in view of a recovery of the various services. This is an aspect that many designers are already dealing with.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by designers who have made history, such as the spouses Charles and Ray Eames, the Castiglioni brothers and women, who I admire a lot, such as Patricia Urquiola, Cristina Celestino and Zaha Hadid.

Designer federico pazienza's artwork

What is your favourite project to date and why?

When I was at IAAD, I carried out the first supply project, in which we made a real chair. Then the first project realised for an apartment was also very important to me. These were the first two concrete projects, which gave me great satisfaction.

What is your favourite design piece?

I don't have one in particular, I would say: the Eclisse lamp and the Magistretti Atoll lamp; the Snoopy Lamp; the Valentina typewriter of the Sottsass sector and the other brand objects that have marked history and the first radios (Radio Phonola). But if I had to choose only one, then I would say Marcel Breuer's Wassily chair.

Designer federico pazienza's artwork in ceramic

Projects for the future ?

Internship, degree and I would like to move to Milan for work.

Would you like to collaborate with an expert of the Design industry? If yes, with whom?

Yes, I would like to collaborate with Patricia Urquiola in Milan. It’s my dream.

Follow Simona's inspiration and her work on her Instagram account.

Interview & Article by

Giulia Ghirri

Images from

Simona deFazio

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