28 years together, many worldwide hits released and their iconic helmets. “Daft Punk” have marked a generation. They can be considered as the masters of electronic music, which they contributed to change and evolve. The most iconic French duo split up last week taking all the fans and music lovers by surprise. Even their farewell video is extremely artistic and impactful.

“Our only plan is to improvise” - Daft Punk

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christ, best known as “Daft Punk”, started their career together in 1993 and, from that moment on, the concept of electronic music started to change. Sounds from the 70s and 80s and robotic ones, disco music and also a hint of funk gave life to a phenomenon never seen before. One of the most interesting Daft Punk’s hallmarks is that in every album their music is different but it still keeps their trademark sound.

The visual component has always been a fundamental part of the “Daft Punk” personality. The two artists have always presented themselves to the audience as two robots. In an interview Bangalter said: “There was an accident in our studio and it exploded. When we regained consciousness, we discovered that we had become robots”.

“We don't pray for love, we just pray for cars” - Daft Punk

During their long career, “Daft Punk” collaborated with many international artists, such as “Empire of the Sun”, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder and Paul Williams. The latest collaborations of the electronic duo bear the name of Pharrel Williams and The Weeknd. With the former they worked on the hit “Get Lucky” that broke every record, from charts to number of copies sold, while with the latter they produced “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming”.


Around Daft Punk’s mysterious aura there are many curiosities that not everybody might know.

  • Once, the legend David Bowie visited the duo in their studio, because he wanted to collaborate with them. The project that the “White Duke” had in mind was a remix of one of his songs, but “Daft Punk” declined the illustrious invitation.

  • The name “Daft Punk” comes from a negative review of the British magazine “Melody Maker” that described the music of the duo’s previous band (called “Darlin”) as “a daft punky trash”.

  • The French artists appeared for the first time on TV in 2008. It was at the GRAMMYs ceremony and they performed “Stronger” with Kanye West.

  • In 2006, they produced a movie called “Daft Punk’s Electroma”. The protagonists were two robots who tried to become humans. There were no dialogues nor songs composed by the duo.

  • The last authorized images of their faces date back to 1996.

  • “Daft Punk” appeared in the Adidas TV spot with David Beckham, Snoop Dogg and Noel Gallagher.

“Many rooms to explore, but the doors look the same” - Daft Punk

Article by

Sara Orlandini