Women dealing with their insecurities, trying to perfect themselves, keeping up with the beauty standards set by this profane society. Pratiksha Tandon, fashion designer and artist based in India, depicts the kind of pain women endure upon themselves to fit in.

Bad Trip

The series depicts the kind of struggles women encounter on their way to achieving this superficiality, exploring the themes of body types, state of mind, body and pubic hair. How the appearance of woman affects her possibilities of making friends in the society, being accepted by her own kind and the opposite sex.

How being brought up in a family she's always reminded of her status and the way of presenting herself to others.

How in the whole process she looses her real self trying to please everyone around her, hiding away the tears, trying to embrace the scars left behind.

Strong Enough?

Dilemma (Story of pubic and body hair)

Hey! Will you be my friend?


Deranged state of mind and body

Flush it down

Submitted by

Pratiksha Tandon

Artwork by

Pratiksha Tandon

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