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Elisa Parpinelli is a Brazilian artist and jewellery designer based in Milan. She started her career as a womenswear designer behind the scene at some of the most respected fashion houses such as Prada and Versace.

After ten years in fashion apparel, she changed direction to try something that had always caught her eyes: jewellery!

Her jewellery brand explores the boldness in each piece by connecting different stores from different times using the concept of upcycling. The pieces are a mix between creativity and self-confidence, Art deco and Brazilian gemstones. They are undoubtedly timeless and durable pieces.

Elisa Parpinelli Collection

“I want to create unique pieces for unique people, inspired by nature, curved lines and women’s sensuality, moving away from perfection and shooting for beauty in individuality".

Hi Elisa, as it is known, you started your career as a womenswear designer. How did this transition to the jewellery world come about?

It was actually very natural. After studying fashion design and working in the fashion industry, I wanted to do something that has always caught my eyes: jewellery.

In addition, I believe that with jewellery there’s no need to follow the different seasons and I am free to create timeless and durable pieces.

What kind of techniques and material do you use to create your collection?

For the initial process, we used the old wax casting technique. All the pieces are handmade by local goldsmiths in Brazil, using silver or silver plated in 18k gold and local stones and pearls.

Sustainability is a concept that is also applicable to jewellery. How do you implement this concept and what impact does it have on your final piece?

I try to work ethically and consciously in several details on my brand: I read a lot about the social and environmental impact of mining and I got very scared, so I decided to use exclusively recycled silver in my products. Our production is small scale, to encourage a slower production and the value of the product. The jewellery bags were developed in collaboration with a women's NGO using fabrics from discarded stock. Lastly, I have developed a project that I call upcycling: we reuse objects, jewellery or everything else that does not have meaning on its own to create a piece that tells a new story, whether it’s through a bicycle chain from the 70s, pearls that were once a beautiful necklace of my mother’s or stones from a piece that I don’t use anymore. The interesting thing is that each piece is limited and unique. We also give our customers the opportunity to create their customised piece with us!

Is there any piece in your collection that has a special flavour for you? Why?

I have a special affection for the Marta earrings, which is my mother's name. We chose the stones together and I consider them a strong design, which transmits power and elegance. My mother has always inspired and encouraged me to do what I wanted since I was a little girl. She was the one who introduced me to the art universe.

Elisa Parpinelli Collection

Elisa Parpinelli Collection

Besides the use of Brazilian gemstones, in your pieces there is a clear inspiration from Art Nouveau. Which creative element is essential to you?

I grew up and became a woman in Italy, where I lived for 12 years. I am passionate about Milanese architecture, its features and Art deco and Art Nouveau details found on the streets.

I create something that represents my aesthetics and my history, but also something which is connected with my roots: Brazil. I love Brazilian gemstones.

Looking at the future, tell us what are the aspirations for your brand?

My vision is to grow internationally and I can affirm I won´t stop designing jewellery.

I am also working on several projects and collaborations I am so excited to share.

Elisa Parpinelli Collection

Undoubtedly, Elisa Parpinelli is the face of the power and the meaningful connection that she has as values for the brand. And we are looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Follow the beautiful design by Elisa Parpinelli on instagram or purchase it from her website.

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