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Scandinavian design focuses on the relationship between man and nature. It was born in the twenties in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. These countries share their roots and economy, but also their culture. In the evolution of Scandinavian design, each of their own features made them different. In fact, every country has its own traits and its own relationship with nature.

The essence of Scandinavian design can be described as “to feel and to live before drawing or creating something”.

It has three main characteristics: essentiality, brightness, nature and wood. Everything revolves around the concept of “Lagom”, which embodies the spirit and meaning of design in Sweden: moderation and “the right quantity”, no excesses or superfluous things. Just the essential.


All these canons have been revolutionized by creatives, who first of all brought color. Young designers gave to this classic and monochromatic design a twist by introducing eclectic elements such as purple chairs or bright paintings over grey walls.

These creatives belong not only to the world of design itself, but also to the universe of fashion design.

CMMN SWDN is a duo composed of Saif Bakir and Emma Bakir, husband and wife who play with contrasting elements and put their knowledge together to design original, out of the box and colorful garments.

HODAKOVA is the ambitious project of Ellen Hodakova Larsson. She wants to explore new boundaries of fashion design through her creations. Also, her idea of design involves highlighting social issues as well as political ones. Creativity and innovation are at the root of Ellen’s work and thanks to these inborn skills, she is one of the most interesting new faces in Sweden.

LAZOSCHMIDL is a menswear brand founded by Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl. The aim of the label is to put together fashion design and literature. The result is very original and a never-seen-before mix. As the two of them are not afraid to dare, the garments are full of colors.

SWEDISH STOCKINGS goes back to one of the fundamentals of the Swedish culture: the relationship between man and nature. In fact, the purpose of this brand is to find new materials that can be used without damaging our planet. Their collections are inspired by nature and its colors.

SCHNAYDERMAN’S is a Stockholm-based brand born in 2012 by Joel Urwitz and Victor Press. Their modern approach to the world of fashion and the idea of creating something essential give customers the freedom to wear what they want. In doing so, they become the real protagonists.

JENNIFER BLOM is a brand that wants to elevate women and give them a role of power. It highlights femininity by using delicate materials that give life to beautiful and sustainable garments.

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