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Today we wonder if a video game can be... "fashionable"?

Thanks to successful synergies, the fashion and video games worlds are increasingly complementary.

Balenciaga in Afterworld

For luxury fashion houses the key is to have a look on the horizon, approaching the customers of tomorrow, speaking their own language. This means that luxury brands travel even further along the road of democratization that brings them to the most relevant reality of the youth target, namely the digital one. All this, must be studied and created without losing the aspiration character that distinguishes the world of luxury. If we pay attention in video games who dresses luxury are sensational heroes.

Let’s see some examples.

Key word is emotion.Gaming, today, allows you to reach a level of user involvement much higher than that granted by product placement. The passive user becomes active by conversing with the brand within the gaming experience. Deeper emotional and experiential response levers are activated.

Burberry in B Bounce

Balenciaga in Afterworld

There is also an interesting movement here, some of those “skins", the online name for your avatar clothes, are sold in limited editions which creates the urge to buy and sometimes creates the fear of missing out (FOMO). An ecosystem is created on these platforms since it is a place to meet and play with your friends, there is a sense of perception and judgments of who you are by the skins you wear. For example, in a fight game where you need to conquer an enemy territory there will be an analysis of the enemy by the skins she/he wears, if it’s a limited edition, one may think it will be a hard fight waiting up ahead.

Moschino in The Sims 4
Moschino in The Sims 4

Our social lives now take place mostly online, so there is no need for this connection. In addition, with physical store doors closed, gaming devices have the potential to create communities. Placing the products in a virtual showroom as the video games can lead afterwards to a real/physical purchase of the product.

As a recent example we have Ferragamo S/S21 collection showcased into an online game. A real treasure hunting which allows the brand to interactively talk with the new generation, creating a sort of thrilling suspense among the beautiful streets of Milan. Getting also inspirations from great classics of the movie world, the game and the collection pay homage to Hitchcock: enigma.

According to the CEO Micaela le Divelec Lemmi: “It is an innovative and ambitious digital experience that, in addition to unveiling the spring-summer 2021 collection, aims to create dynamic engagement with the players who, through simple moves, can choose to penetrate the Ferragamo universe through touchpoints, both digital and physicists, with whom they are most familiar.”

This is therefore an important and prolific moment for the growth of luxury gaming and, while the barriers to entry are broken down by technological and product innovations, the possibilities are endless.

What should we expect in the future?

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