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Life is a game. Today more than ever.

Now a mass cultural phenomenon, the video game is a unique medium. It differs from other types of media such as cinema, theater and literature, while incorporating different languages.

Chupa Chupa in Zool

First of all, interactivity is the essential element that has distinguished video games from other forms of mass media entertainment. This feature allows the video game to exert a potential for attraction and immersiveness in its storytelling.

It is a form of storytelling that requires new skills and brings together the wishes of the author and the ways of consumption of the user.

Mercedes in Mario

Gillette in EA_s Burnout Paradise

The video game has become a fundamental element for marketing strategies.

We are faced with a high-performing advertising: capable of involving users by managing to attract and maintain the attention on the product. The interaction with the brand within the video game helps to develop in the player an opinion of a certain type towards the product of that brand.

In fact, the user does not focus on advertising, but on the game. If the player likes the latter, the same positive feeling also translates into the products inside. And vice versa.

Monster Energy

Gaming marketing presents itself today as a revolution in the world of digital marketing. In the age of social networks, new opportunities arise for brands to promote their products and implement other types of marketing and communication strategies. One of these is social gaming.

Social games are a way to grab the attention of users in an entertainment environment. Therefore, brands today are turning to video games as a way to build communities, enhance their brand image, attract audiences and grow their database. Approaching the consumer in a playful environment is always positive. Users do not perceive this advertisement as intrusive. In fact, providing them with entertainment is always effective.

Redbull in Koeitecmo games

Nissan in EA_s Sim City

Coca Cola in SEGA Shenmue

Fun, entertainment, game: perfect for brands

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