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Craftsmanship, innovation and creativity are the main principles followed by Federico Frison in order to create his shoes, his brand. Federico strongly believes that creativity and originality are fundamental to create something out-of-the-box and, especially, unforgettable. Who is Federico Frison? And how did he conceive his brand FRSN?

Federico Frison is a fashion designer who has always had a strong passion for shoes. He was born in Bologna, a city that welcomes many fashion influences and that can develop many new ideas. He grew up in a surrounding with a passion for shoes because his grandfather is Bruno Magli – who is a shoe model maker – while her dad is a footwear technician. In addition to this, Federico has loved seeing his mother wearing heels since he was a kid.

Driven by passion, he decided to study at Cercal International Footwear School and Research Center where he attended the “Shoe Stylist/Modeller” course. In this situation it is correct that federico understands the creative side more than the technical one. He has an artistic mind and due to that he is always searching for something new, something that can be considered as different from anything else.

At the same time, Federico is a lover of fine details. Putting these two characteristics together – creativity and details – gave life to the designer’s brand. FRSN was conceived in Bologna in 2020 and his a Made in Italy brand of shoes. The uniqueness of the shoes designed by Federico is given by ball-shaped underheels. Actually, Federico wants his shoes to be seen as works of art and something that elevates the femininity that every woman has within her very self. This idea of the small ball under the heel came to Federico when he was working on a heel for Hermès. As a matter of fact, the designer had the possibility to observe and study many high fashion brands closely. These experiences have enriched his mind and maybe also showed him the right way to create his personal name and space in the world of fashion.

Federico decided to participate to UFA contest because he wants to launch and promote his brand and also because he could have the possibility to live a new experience. The idea that the designer had for his brand is really daring and this feature combined with Federico’s ambition will allow him to always experiment something new.

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