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Ricardo Luévanos is a Mexican graphic artist that has a peculiar way of seeing life. His work mostly combines nature and emotional aspects to generate dilemmas based on the impossibility of turning back to his past self.

His technique is a mixture of collage, illustration and photographic intervention using graphite, watercolor and other digital disciplines that give a bittersweet result to his work.

Graphic artist Ricardo luevanos' digital artwork

Graphic artist Ricardo luevanos' artwork

Another thing that characterizes Luévanos’ art is that he loves to play with a nostalgic concept of reality and constantly uses maximalist saturation in addition to flora and fauna references (birds, mainly). This technique gives his pieces a wonderful sense of romanticism, longing and it’s always present in his work.

He has been part of more than 40 exhibitions, which makes him an exponent and an art reference in Mexico. In 2016, he presented interactive pieces at The Bass Museum and at the Faena Forum, during Art Basel Miami, with Anonymous Collective. He has also worked with firms like El Palacio de Hierro, Salvatore Ferragamo, Comex, Domestika, West Elm and C&A, among others.

Graphic artist Ricardo luevanos' digital artwork

Luévanos' work can be found in galleries, album covers, magazines and international clothing lines. He is currently in charge of the recognized pop band Belanova art direction, which he calls his favorite work until now.

In one of his recent works, we can find his collaboration with C&A called “Amor por México” which means “Love for Mexico”, in which he developed

a full collection of urban clothing that represents the joy, strength and colors of his country. C&A was looking for a Mexican illustrator able to express the richness in culture and style that young people live in their daily life, without limitations of shape, gamma or silhouette. He openly expressed that the fact that C&A is looking for Mexican talent to create collections is only the reflection of a country that is becoming strong in terms of fashion design.

“The basis of my illustrations is photography. Most of the time, the subject of the photographs are the elements of my illustration, such as model, stage, support elements ... everything separately, which I love, taking care of the tiniest detail. In the second stage everything is unified, creating filters, light sets and, of course, a composition. Other times, at some point in the process, I may intervene with pencil or watercolor.”

Graphic artist Ricardo luevanos' digital artwork

Graphic artist Ricardo luevanos' digital artwork

Graphic artist Ricardo luevanos' digital artwork

If you want to know more about Ricardo Luévanos’s work go follow him on instagram and visit

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