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From New York but she is Italian. We had an interesting conversation with Giorgia Testa, a young and talented singer and actress. She has no fear to do whatever it takes to breakthrough in the music and movie Industry. She defines herself as a fighter because she won a lot of battles throughout her life. We decided to interview her because she could be an inspiration for young artists that are facing all these challenges to start a career and show their talent.

If you want something, no matter where you are, do anything that gives you power to achieve it. You can do it.

Hi Giorgia, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I am Giorgia, I am 24 and I was born and raised in Italy, but when I was 19, I decided to move to the States to pursue my career to become a singer and actress. Sometimes, you know, especially in our culture, deciding to make your own career can be scary. So, I decided to go to the States because I knew that could have given me better chances and opportunities. I first went to Utah and then I moved to New York where I attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I graduated in Musical Theatre in 2018.

After that I worked and auditioned in the city for about a year and a half. And by the end of 2018, I opened my own production company to help international students to produce new work and original stuff.

Then my VISA got denied, so I was stuck at home in Italy. At first, I felt like a failure and then I decided that if you want something, no matter where you are, do anything in your power to achieve it. You can do it. So, I decided due to coronavirus to stay here in Italy and pursue my career here even if it is different. At least I got to experience both sides and in the future at some point that could be helpful…I might go back to the States to work.

Yes, this is a little bit about me…

How did you understand that it would be your career and not a simple passion?

I have always sung and acted but, you know, when you are in the high school you think “ok I have to get a job or study something that can give me money or a stable income”, but then in summer I have worked at my dad’s company and I realized that I didn’t want to work in the office for the rest of my life and the only thing that gave me joy was singing and acting. I realized if there are people doing it, it is possible - so why not try? “I am only 19 I can always try, make mistakes and if it doesn’t work out, change later”. If you don’t take a risk, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

What is necessary for you to "break through" in the music and cinema world?

I believe there is no one way to break through. There are so many different stories about it, so when I was in college, they taught us how to audition the proper way and that takes time and effort. In America the industry is way different, if you are non-union at first you need to go to auditions in order to get credits and become Equity (Equity is basically the union that helps unprotected actors and singers on the workplace, but it takes a long time to get in). I was also an immigrant and with having a VISA comes a lot of limitations and restrictions work wise. I first thought that it was the only way to break through. I became a little bit obsessed, because I started to go to auditions all the time, I was really desperate to get a job, and nothing was working out. So, one day one of my teachers told me this:

“Everyone is trying to get out to the door, and if it doesn’t work for you, find a way to get through the window”.

Coming back home I realized that I am happy here and I don’t have the VISA problem, even if the industry is different and I have to compromise a little bit. Starting in a smaller place, can give me a better chance to grow than keep pushing with something that is not working.

Art is subjective sometimes people get into the business side of it and realized it is harder than it looks. So then I realized that sometimes you have to create your own stuff. When you audition for a show, tv show, you audition for what other people have written or created. So sometimes it is better to start creating for yourself and sending it out to the film festivals because you will never know who would see it. The independent industry is really broad and not mainstream. Sometimes it is bet